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#NewRelease #99cents #KindleUnlimited #MustRead - DEX: Dark Irish Mafia Romance (O'Sullivan Brothers #3) by Rie Warren

Title: DEX
Series: The O'Sullivan Brothers #3
Author: Rie Warren
Genre: Dark Irish Mafia Romance
Release Date: August 1, 2022

She’s a bossy blue-blooded Bostonian. I’m a hardened mafia man. There’s no friggin’ way our two worlds should collide, but when they do . . . BOOM, CRASH, DESIRE.

Now it’s just my bad freakin’ luck I can’t keep my mind off the snobby babe’s banging body and beautiful eyes. When she runs into trouble and I’m there to rescue her, I’m ready to put my filthy fantasies into action whether she likes it or not.

I get to introduce the prim and proper woman to the heights of wild lust. But the one thing I really lord over her is a big fat dirty secret her dear daddy has kept from her for years.

Yeah, this is gonna be fun.

God, I could just scream. No man has ever undermined my composure as quickly as Declan “Dex” O’Sullivan.

It’s just my bad luck that I need his help when I come under attack. I find out then he’s much more than just a pain in my backside; he is seriously bad news. But he’s also breathtakingly attractive with his bad boy aura.

He’s conceited, crude, crass . . . and determined to lay claim over me.

When I realize I’ve got more in common with Dex than I ever thought possible, it’s all downhill from there. I’m about to become a pawn in a game of mafias and one more man I never considered an enemy before. Now that my life is on the line, can Dex save me one more time?

Dex is book 3 in the O’Sullivan Brothers Irish mafia series. No cliffhangers. No cheating. Includes sizzling hot scenes. Can be read as a standalone.

As Dex approached, a breathtakingly intense look on the chiseled planes of his face, I hustled backward. 

Still his scent caught up to me—woodsy, masculine, mouthwatering—and my legs bumped against the bed. 

Then his voice emerged, silky deep and seductive. “Wanna know what I did last night when I got home?”

I swallowed harshly, not daring to speak; my voice probably didn’t work anymore anyway.

A dirty smirk crossed his perfect lips. “I got my big cock out and edged it over and over. Got so fucking hard, the veins were throbbing and my balls were heavy.” He roamed ever closer while I remained spellbound by his crude words. “I lubed it up nice and slick, so fuckin’ thick in my hand.”


A needy-sounding whimper parted my lips, lips I licked before sinking my teeth into the trembling flesh. 

Something hot and tumultuous swept through my belly, making my pulse flutter, spreading liquid fire right to my core. 

“Was thinking about you the whole time,” he murmured in his dark, hypnotic voice. 

My breath expelled in a rush. “Declan . . .”

My inner thighs clenched when his cobalt eyes almost glowed in recognition of a helplessly aroused woman.

“Oh yeah, darlin’. You like that, don’t you? Like me thinking about your smoke-show of a body? Those nice big tits.” 

The tight tingling spread to my nipples, and my body arched as if I was shoving my breasts toward him. 

He was so close now, heat poured off him. 

I dropped down onto the bed when my knees gave out.

Watching me, his lids half-mast, he thumbed open the final buttons on his jeans. 

Pure fire ignited me when he started lowering those faded Levis. He was slow about it, undressing in a teasing sexual manner that had me breathless, pining, panting, aching. 

Then he stood there in nothing but pure white briefs crammed full of thick hard cock. 

My god, he was so large that the waistband couldn’t even lay flat against his body. The briefs looked ready to burst from his enormous erection, his balls two big full orbs crushed into the crotch, the head large and clearly visible because he was leaking so much precum the material became transparent around the thick flared crown. 

I knew without doubt he was telling me the truth, every word of it. He’d wanted me so much he’d stroked that thick hard stalk of flesh thinking about me. 

I’d never experienced such pure, potent passion. Never been on the receiving end of this level of desire, and it made me combust. 

He hadn’t even kissed me. Hadn’t so much as touched me. 

He’d aroused me to a shivering mass simply by speaking of his dark wants in such a deep, guttural voice. 

And still he continued. “You got me so fuckin’ hard just wondering what color your nipples are, Ivy. Fisting my aching cock and kneading my loaded balls and imagining burying my head between your thighs, tasting that juicy pussy.” 


Badass, sassafras Rie Warren is an OG Amazon All Star author of Bad Boy books and MC romance. She delivers five star sex, suspense, and the best banter around. Her stories are one hundred percent original, do not contain fluffy plots or virgin brides, and wring every last emotion from readers to leave them with a satisfied smile. Rie’s tough alpha males are never brought to heel, but are instead healed by the feisty femme fatale of their perfect match. She grew up in Maine, went to college in Iowa (Iowa, what?), lived in Scotland, and married in Englishman. In true roundabout fashion, they came back to the States, settled in South Carolina’s lowcountry, putting down southern roots and pursuing their arty endeavors. Tale spinner and character diviner, Rie is a lover of sleep, wine, and rude memes often involving either Disney characters or Winnie the Pooh. She is raising two teen daughters along with an entire brain full of unruly characters. Rough-talking alpha men? Rie has that on tap. Stubborn sassy heroines? You bet. Smoldering sex scenes that’ll set your Kindle on fire? Check, check, check. Keep a fan handy, you’ll need it.

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And, as always, happy sexy reading to you!


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