Monday, May 16, 2022

#ReviewTour #KindleUnlimited #NewRelease - Scent of Desire (Scent Trilogy #2) by Shanen Ricci

Title: Scent of Desire
Series: Scent Trilogy #2
Author: Shanen Ricci
Genre: Dark Gothic Romance
Release Date: May 16, 2022

Our tale truly began the day I awoke the heart of a monster.

Together, we were more than a tale of obsession.
We were the impossible that happened.
The scorching combination of two opposite aromas that had stopped battling their desires to plunge into the void together.
We were more powerful than love and more lethal than chaos.
I had offered the Devil a scent of pure desire, and he offered me his humanity.
His shadows bloomed my blackness, stalking to make me his queen in his stygian realm.
I was his only weakness, the one he’d burn the earth for, and he was whom I could not escape.
In a quest to find his soul, I was exposing myself to an uncertain fate: to flower his light at the price of being consumed by my own tenebrosity.
And now, we would have to make a choice, between destruction and redemption, darkness and light, the smell of death lurking in the corners.

Shanen Ricci likes to think of herself as a witch. Her books are love potions destined to make you fall in love with morally grey villains and alpha males who will burn down the world for the girl. The recipe? A dash of a dark fairytale brewed with mythology. An ounce of drama and angst. A lot of spicy scenes’ magic dust. And she never forget to swirl everything for a passionate romance.

She began her journey by touching millions of readers online. When she's not using her cauldron — aka her computer — she's either acting on set, competing on 5k races, petting her cats, traveling the world, or overthinking her next book.


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