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#Tour #KindleUnlimited #RomanticFantasy - The Coven: Blood of Sitayi by Kwazinkosi Ndlovu

Title: The Coven: Blood of Sitayi
Author: Kwazinkosi Ndlovu
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Published: October 29, 2021

What would you do if you discovered magic was real? And the people that could use it lived normal lives amongst the ordinary.

Nandi Khuzwayo, the new girl in the township of Emahlathini, is plunged into this magical reality when Langa's unpleasant brother, Msizi, and his friend Nkanyezi use her as a guinea pig in their spell experiments without her knowledge. When one of these 'sessions' is discovered and interrupted by Langa and his best friend, Phila, a fight ensues between the four, which Nandi witnesses in its entirety

After the fight, Langa and Phila insist on being the ones to help Nandi find her way home and are reluctantly left with the task of erasing her memories, as is customary when a 'worldly' witnesses the use of magic. Langa fails to carry out the simple task and lets her keep her memories if she solemnly swears to keep the things she witnessed to herself, which is against Organization rules. And this marks the beginning of their interactions.

Join Nandi as she learns about the world of magic and the secret organization that governs all magicians throughout the world. Explore magic realism through the eyes of Langa, who belongs to the secret Worldwide Organization of Magicians.

Follow the story of Langa and Nandi as they gravitate towards one another, as Nandi pushes to learn about magic and Langa is faced with the decision of either revealing the secrets of his kind to a worldly girl and risk exposing their existence or simply walking away. Will Langa risk it all for Nandi? What about the feelings they find themselves developing for each other? And what happens when the organization finds out?

Love or duty, which will prevail?

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- only available for people who live in South Africa -

So, this is the part where I have to tell you about myself huh? *sighs* well okay. Come on

I don’t know exactly what you want me to say here. Do you want me to tell you about my background growing up in flats of Hillbrow and Berea? Or my life in the township of Soweto living in a shack? Nah, I don’t think you’re here for that.

Do you want me to tell you about what inspired my love for writing? The extraordinary stories about regular people I have met in life which I use as bases for the characters in my stories? I guess that would be interesting huh? But another time perhaps.

I suppose you really want to hear about the blogs (Don’t Go To Uni, Nice Guys Finish Last, Isoka Lamanyala) and short stories (Such A Beautiful Mess, Love x Heartbreak and Vibes) I have written. Do you probably want to know what kind of genre I write? What do I aim to achieve through my writing, or hear me preach about how I write to educate and inspire people?

The truth is I don’t have a grand reason for writing. I write because it’s how I deal with life. I write because it is my own little escape from reality, and a part of me hopes to find those special people out there who connect with me and my stories.

I write because it is my passion. I write because it is the only thing I know how to do. I write because I am tired of the half-written, poorly developed stories that do not relate to the average South African experience. I write simply because I love it.

I don’t have any morally righteous reason for writing. I do not have one genre of writing I conform to. I do not have some sob story about my background that will guilt you into buying or reading my work. The decision is yours. However, if you are looking for reasons to read my work, I will gladly provide you with a few.

*Read my stories if you are tired of seeing black people in a depressed and oppressed light.
*Read my stories if you love seeing black people in a new light.
*Read my stories if you have a wild imagination.
*Read my stories if you love reading relatable quality content
*Most importantly. Read my stories if you love seeing black people do cool shit!

Below is my first novel titled The Coven: Blood of Sitayi. The first of its kind, a beautifully well-written romantic fantasy. I hope you enjoy it.


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