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#SeriesTour #MustRead #SteamyContemporaryRomance - Paradise Ever After Series by Skye Kinley

Series: Paradise Ever After
Titles: When in Paradise & Flirting with Paradise
Author: Skye Kinley
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

Maybe Liv picked a bad time to swear off all men.

She'd done it. Escaped to a gorgeous beach town, alone with her camera gear, in search of the perfect man-free escape. Her very own photographer's paradise, and a chance to recover from the mess she'd made of her life.

Then Mr. Tall, Dark, and Grumpy strolled into her best friend's beach condo like he owned the place. Exactly the type she was done with for good. After everything she'd been through with her arrogant, cheating ex, she was staying far, far away.

Unless...what if a quickie rebound fling was just what her wounded heart needed?

Matt didn't appreciate the set up.

The ink of his divorce was barely dry, and all he wanted to do was focus on rebuilding his life and career. He'd been a head chef before it all fell apart, and he was determined to get there again.

But his friends refused to back off. They tricked him into a date with a sexy tourist, one who reminded him a little too much of his ex. Beautiful, sassy, and bad for him. He had to walk away.

Except...she was only in town for a few weeks and wanted to let loose. Was there really any harm in that?

When in Paradise is a steamy, fling-to-forever romance. It's a full-length standalone in the Paradise Ever After series, which takes place on the beautiful coast of Puerto Vallarta and can be read in any order.

She wasn’t falling for a man like him...
... because she knew the type.
Tattooed, wealthy, cocky AF. Why were the bad boys so hard to resist?
Katie’s wedding planning business was thriving, and she had her sights set on the lucrative international market. When Exotic Bride magazine agreed to cover the high-end destination wedding she’d planned, she was sure she had it made.
Then the magazine changed the date. To the worst day possible.
Could she turn her best friend’s low-budget wedding into a swoon-worthy event that would wow the editors and their readers? All while keeping the groom’s bossy best man out of her way?

Lucas could easily fix this.

He had the funds and the connections to make his cousin’s wedding perfect. So why did this crazy wedding planner keep rejecting his help? She’d dubbed him Bigfoot the moment they met and ignored him ever since.
No matter. He’d find a way to make it happen, even if that meant playing nice with a sassy handful like Katie.
What he didn’t expect...
...was to fall for her.

How hard could it be to keep his thoughts—and his hands—to himself for a few short weeks?

Flirting with Paradise is steamy, enemies-to-lovers romance. It’s a full-length standalone in the Paradise Ever After series, which can be read in any order.

Skye Kinley writes sizzling contemporary romance with plenty of sweet moments, humor, and happily ever afters. Her stories feature sassy, quirky heroines and the swoon-worthy men who fall for them.

She's a California girl who loves Napa wines, walking barefoot in the sand, and snuggling up with her crazy rescue dog to watch romance flicks while her husband tries to change the channel to golf.

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