Monday, November 8, 2021

#NewRelease #ContemporaryRomance #MustRead - Life Rolls Along (Because I'm Worth It) by Linda Nielsen

Title: Life Rolls Along
Series: Because I'm Worth It
Author: Linda Nielsen
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Humor
Release Date: November 8, 2021
Cover Design: Colbie Myles
Publisher: TouchPoint Press

Sequel to Because I'm Worth It...

Sophisticated laughs with a down-home twist!

The funny complexities of life pairs with devious ideas to destroy a marriage. Skye Topple finds himself embarking on a journey to sort through the shambles of his life's choices. When the bizarre son of a new business partner covets his wife, he's willing to move on and makes a series of decisions that could go in his favor . . . or not. How dangerous is he and how far will he go to get what he wants?

An eccentric ruse prevails, sporting wicked humor as the Covington family sells out their affluent consultant firm in an attempt to rise to prominence in the world of real estate. 

"Sugar, he blinked at her. "You're perspiring."

"Ya, ah am!" She bellowed, "How astute of ya to notice that! Ah'm havin' me a severe flash of heat due to mah hormones expirin'." Her eyelashes fluttered wildly. "Ah believe mah glue is meltin'."

He laid his hand on her arm to calm her.

"Don't be touchin' me!" She pushed at him. "Ah'm too hot for human contact!"

"Linda Nielsen has been published in magazines and newspapers. Life Rolls Along is her third book, the sequel to Because I'm Worth It. She is retired and lives in a hundred year old house with her husband and several fur babies. You can reach Linda at


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