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#BookTour #KindleUnlimited #Giveaway - Forever: A Diamond Doms Novel by Ivy Nelson

Title: Forever
Series: Diamond Doms
Author: Ivy Nelson
Genre: Contemporary/BDSM/Suspense/Billionaire Romance
Release Date: September 28, 2021 
Cover Design: Ivy Nelson

Russel Adler has one job while Elijah Barrett is away. Keep Holly Barrett and her best friend Gemma Livingston safe from those out to collapse Club Solitaire. There’s just one problem, Gemma is pain in the ass. A gorgeous, irresistible, pain in the ass determined to make his job impossible. She makes the Dom in him twitch but he knows he can’t lose focus or people might die.

Gemma Livingston isn’t used to being cooped up but ever since her soon-to-be ex husband nearly got her killed and then faked his own death, she’s been trapped by people who want to keep her safe. Including the mysterious Russell. They have chemistry but he refuses to give in to it and she’s determined to get under his skin.

Forever is the long-awaited conclusion to the Diamond Doms series.


Gemma’s heart raced as she followed Russell up the stairs. She’d almost lost her sister. That thought wouldn’t stop repeating in her mind. The amount of danger that seemed to follow her these days made her nauseous.

None of it made sense to Gemma, but Kendall was genuinely shaken by the things she saw, and it had set everyone on high alert. Elijah was now on his way to London for a business deal that had been in the works for a long time and couldn’t be put on hold, so Russell was stepping up security and running the entire operation in person. Now he wanted to ask her some questions. After weeks of avoiding her, they were going to be alone in a room together and she didn’t know how to handle it other than to be a smart ass.

“What did you want to ask me?” She dropped into the chair in front of the desk and waited for Russell to speak.

“I need to hear everything you can tell me about Jonathan Niel and his family.”

Gemma whistled. “Everything? That could take a while. How about you narrow it down for me a bit?”

He scowled, bringing his eyebrows together. “Did Niel know you were about to divorce Matthew?”

Gemma wrinkled her nose. “God, I hope not. But I suppose it’s possible that something leaked. He has an excellent PR team that monitors several issues that are important to him.”

“And what is important to him?”

She laughed. “Money. Power. The ability to snap his fingers and have a woman launch herself at his feet. He’s a total prick. Are you ever going to give in and flirt with me?”

He frowned. “You’re still married and now I’m in charge of your protection detail.”

She shook her head. “You’ve been in charge of it since I arrived in town, and we both know it. That didn’t stop you from kissing me the other night when my safe house was compromised.”

“I’ve already apologized for that. Now focus on my questions, please.”

“I’m so tired of being interrogated by people towering over me assuming I’m some weak little rich girl.”

He rolled his eyes but slid off the desk and sat in the chair beside her. “I’m not interrogating you. I’m asking questions that will aid in getting everyone back to a normal life.”

She folded her arms across her chest to hide the fact that her nipples had hardened under his dominant stare.

“I really don’t know how I can help. I haven’t actually spoken to Jonathan in over a year when he came to my office to talk about a business deal he wanted to push through.”

“Do you have access to a copy of that information?”

“Why is this important? He’s probably part of a murderous cult. Shouldn’t that be what we’re focused on.”

“I told you. Every detail, Gemma. This is an organization that does a lot of expensive work. We have to scrutinize any business deal made or attempted so that we can understand how they tick and see if we can find patterns that lead us to how they’re funding the organization.”

Gemma nodded. “Fair enough. I don’t know if I can access the information. I suppose since we’ve decided I’m not dead or missing anymore, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to my assistant and get her to send me everything she can.”

Russell nodded. “Please do. And when you get done with that, you me and Holly are going to sit down and discuss safety protocols.”

“Oh, that ought to be fun.”

“Rule number one is no sass from either of you.”

She huffed. “You think because we both identify as submissive you get to pull out the Dom card?”

He chuckled. “No lip, no sass, no bratty behavior. Are we clear, Gemma? Lives are at stake here.”

She waved him away. “Quit with the raised eyebrows and stern tone. I’m going to be good, but I’m a smart ass, and I won’t stop being a smart ass because you say so.”

“Then your smart ass may become a sore ass.”

“You say that like it’s a threat.”

He laughed and leaned closer to her. “Believe me, sweetheart. It is. Now go make your phone calls. We’ll talk again later.”

She gave him a salute followed by a middle-fingered wave as she backed out of the room. He tapped the buckle on his belt. Was he threatening to use it on her? The man didn’t have a clue.

Ivy Nelson writes delicious contemporary romance with kinky alpha heroes and sassy heroines you wish could be your best friend. Club Solitaire is her favorite fictional place to hang out in, and she spends most of her free time spinning tales set there. Ivy currently lives in Las Vegas with her husband of five years and their son. When she isn’t writing, she’s probably reading something dirty or drinking wine with her readers on Facebook. There are lots of ways to keep in touch with Ivy.


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