Thursday, September 9, 2021

#DuetComplete #NewRelease #KindleUnlimited #DarkMafiaRomance #EnemiesToLovers - Love of a Queen (New Reign Mafia Duet Book 2) by Shain Rose

Title: Love of a Queen
Duet Title: New Reign Mafia Duet Book Two
Author: Shain Rose
Genre: Enemies to Lovers/Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: September 9, 2021
Cover Design: OPIUM HOUSE Creatives

They said I deserved the monster’s wrath…
And they were right.
I’m the traitor and the villain in my own story.

When I walked away from the Armanelli Family, I broke the oath that bound me to them.

By blood, I now belong to the bratva.
I’m the Russian Princess, set to inherit billions and solidify alliances where no one else can.

But, by love, I belong to Rome.
The underboss of the Italian Mob.
The man whose piercing dark stare licks up my body like he owns it.

Rome glares at me with indecisiveness.
Wanting to stand beside me, but also rip me apart.
The twisted part in me yearns for him to do both.

He is the one obstacle I must overcome.
One large, tattooed, cold-hearted hurdle I have to live without.

Yet, can the monster in him leave me behind too?
There’s an undeniable tie that will always tether us, and I don’t think he can ignore the pull.

He's the monster after all.
And the monster always comes for what’s his.

This book is the final installment of the New Reign Mafia Duet. It is not a standalone. Please start with Heart of a Monster.

I tore my hand from his right as we got to the limo door. “Say what you need to and I’ll go in my own car, the way I came.”

“Say? You think I need to say something to you?” Rome leaned onto the limo and dragged his black, ominous eyes over my body, all the way up and then all the way down. He took his time, like the most powerful men of the nation could wait. “I don’t need to say anything.”

“Well then…” I turned on my heel to give him my back, but he spun me around and then pulled me close so that my breasts were in his chest.

He leaned down so that the scruff of his jaw was tickling my earlobe. “Words won’t fix what’s been done now, Katalina. I’ve suffered for days without you. I haven’t tasted your mouth, owned your p*ssy, or dragged my hand across your skin. And I’m saying this the nicest way I know how because it’s all mine. You took away my mouth, my p*ssy, and my damn skin. You’re mine and I want you back. Even if it’s for a second in that limo.”


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