Wednesday, August 25, 2021

#CoverReveal #PreOrder #Giveaway #DarkRomance#PNR - Incubastard by Charity B.

Title: Incubastard
Author: Charity B.
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 7, 2021
Cover Design: Opulent Designs

Angels, demons… the afterlife.
I’d always thought they were bullshit.
Until all my misguided beliefs were proven wrong by an infuriating, flippant asshole with horns who has no concept of boundaries.
Summoning him was never the plan, especially since I’m not willing to do what it takes to send him back.
If I’ve learned anything from Loch, it’s that preconceived ideas are usually false, and the truth is much messier than fables.
The theory of good and evil is flawed.
Nothing is that simple.

The only side of human nature I’ve ever encountered is vile and perverse, depraved and cruel.
However, Mishka’s none of those things.
She’s an insufferable, snarky creature who makes me question everything I know about myself.
The longer I’m with her in this world, the less desperate I am to return to mine, which is absurd.
I am son of Asmodeus.
A prince spawned from lust to torment the damned.
The mortal realm is not where I belong.

Incubastard deals with Christian lore that does not align with the Bible. It is completely fictional. If this will make you uncomfortable, please do not read this book.
Content Warning: This novel contains graphic scenes depicting blood and gore along with sexually explicit content and violence. For mature audiences only.

Once I hear the bathroom door close, I stare straight at the source of my sudden onset insanity. I speak softly, not wanting to alert Leena about my brittle mental state. “Shittles … she saw you. And Leena saw the planchette move.”

He stands to his feet, evaluating my living room. “Animals have senses humans don’t. My bransg doesn’t work on them.”

I shake my head because I’m barely able to understand a word he’s saying. “Your what?” At least he’s less scary in the daylight. Even the darkness around his eyes is gone.

“My bransg. It hides me from mortal eyes and ears.”

This is all too much. I can’t be buying this, but … Leena saw the planchette move. Lacing my fingers, I inhale through my nose and exhale out of my mouth. “What is it you want?”

He rolls his neck, holding his hands out as if he’s fighting the urge to choke me with them. “I’m going to speak incredibly slow so you can understand.” Although he’s being a bit of a condescending prick, he’s not completely wrong that I’m struggling to comprehend this. “You. Summoned. Me. Okay? I saw your antiprayer. You know why you called me here. Even if it wasn’t exactly me you were expecting. So when are we doing this?”

While he may appear normal right now, I keep getting flashes of his horns, the glowing marks … the wings. My mind has picked the worst time to stop functioning. “D—doing what?”

He lets out a huff clearly packed with irritability. “You’re a bit of a dense bitch, aren’t you? Ground your corn, play rumpskuttle, poke the squid ... how many ways do you want me to say it?”

I don’t know how to react to that, so being the awkward person I am, I laugh from the nervousness of being in over my head. “Look … this is clearly a misunderstanding. So I, um, I release you.” He clicks his teeth, standing closer to me than I’m comfortable with. “That’s not how it works. I have to fulfill the terms of the summons before I can leave.” With a lopsided grin, he crosses his arms. “Believe me, I’m more than qualified for the position.”



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