Thursday, July 15, 2021

#ReleaseBoost #Collection #AvailableNow - Once Upon a Heartbreak Collection by Sonya Jesus, Laura Greenwood, Cam Johns, Kristy Gibs, Victoria Anders, and Nancy Chastain

Title: Once Upon a Heartbreak Collection
Authors: Sonya Jesus, Laura Greenwood, Cam Johns, Kristy Gibs, Victoria Anders, and Nancy Chastain
Genre: Rewritten Fairy Tales

Rules are made to be long as it stays a secret.
The moment I meet Lucas Spencer, I know falling for him will end with a broken heart.
As a Princess at the prestigious Rosewood Academy, I'm here to keep my head down and study, not to fall in love with a commoner.
Especially when the secrets between us could risk destroying me.
When the truth comes to light, I have to decide if I trust him.
Or if he's just going to hurt me again.
My Secrets To Keep is a royal contemporary academy romance. It is inspired by the Twelve Dancing Princesses Fairy Tale.

A raging beast seeks revenge upon his formidable beauty.
Isabella Ricci has lived a quiet, safe life hidden within the confines of her many books and quaint home. She reveled in the boredom of her ordinary existence, even without the possibility of finding the love of her life. She tried that once…turns out men suck! Although her beauty matched her brains, she had no intentions of marrying any time soon.
But now she doesn’t have a choice.
Faced with losing their home, her parents are forced to put into effect a family tradition that sends Isabella spiraling. An arranged marriage. Isabella must wed the self-proclaimed most eligible bachelor of their small town Raja Benoit.
Life will never be the same for this beauty once her beast sends her fleeing for safety.

Gabriella dreamed of a wedding in Italy with the guy she had crushed on for years, and it was all coming true. For her step-sister.
Faced with the heartbreak, Gabriella silently deals with losing her childhood dream in front of the ones who snatched it from her. While she wades through her sister’s fairy tale, trying to stay afloat in tears, she catches the attention of Mr. Wright.
Ashton is forced to attend all the wedding festivities out of familial obligation, but Gabriella changes his perspective. He gets to see her if he shows up, and that’s motive enough. Getting her to fall in love with him is a bonus.
It isn’t long until Gabriella realizes she had made the right choice in falling in love, but she had made it with the wrong guy.

This New Adult, Cinderella retelling is full of sweet romance and first-love goosebumps.

Heartbreak is all I know. And my heart bleeds because of it.
On my eighteenth birthday, my stepmother kicks me out and my boyfriend dumps me.
As an orphan and now homeless, my heart is out of blood, but somehow, it keeps on bleeding.
Forced to move in with my aunt and her home of foster kids, I find myself the only girl in a home with seven boys.
Who will be my prince charming to stop my bleeding heart?

Stop My Bleeding Heart is a contemporary young adult coming of age tale with a Snow White retelling twist.

Follow the breadcrumbs to the dark secrets of the city.
The dead body behind the rec center brings a struggling community to its knees. No one believes the staged scene, especially not the people closest to the victim—the police chief's children. Corruption has embedded itself in the city, and something has to be done.
Gina and Henry enlist the help of a long-time family friend and undercover cop to investigate. TJ, who can't resist helping his teenage love and his best friend, positions himself inside the safe haven, where he stumbles upon a little boy. The little boy who holds the key.
When the clues lead them deeper into the bowls of the criminal underworld, no one is safe. The more they figure out, the less protected they become.

Honor Thy Father is a compelling romantic suspense novella with a heroic brother's best friend vibe, loosely based on Hansel & Gretel.

I have everything my father thinks I want, except a life.
When you're the youngest daughter of a police chief and your mom was murdered by some wacko, there's not much freedom.
Hell, there's not much of anything.
No epic love stories, no embarrassing moments, no spark, no flutters, or grand gestures.
Only rules I desperately want to break.
And I want to break them all with Derrick Prince.
But belonging to his world means sacrificing pieces of myself.
And staying quiet isn't so easy when it becomes a matter of life or death.

This Little Mermaid contemporary Young Adult retelling is full of suspense and sweet coming-of-age first moments.

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