Tuesday, July 27, 2021

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited #Giveaway #Playlist - Love Displayed (Pure Sin Trilogy #2) by Thetta James

Title: Love Displayed
Series: Pure Sin Trilogy #2
Author: Thetta James
Genre: Erotic Suspense Romance
Release Date: July 27, 2021

"Oh my !! I'm stunned speechless!! Love displayed was emotional, intense, suspenseful and exciting! Thetta James takes you on an emotional Journey" - Review
“Love Displayed is not just a story about finding love. It's about connections and friendship. Rebirth and finding yourself. It's about empowerment and survival. Finding your voice and following your heart....” - Goodreads Reviewer
“Javi and April's story was a slow burn, but once her fears were confronted, it turned explosive!” - Goodreads Reviewer
“Awestruck!!! Author Thetta James gives us an intense prologue from the beginning. Think Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, with an addicting love story behind the crimes, to include a crazed and obsessed psychopath!” - Goodreads Reviewer

April Young's dark past makes her want nothing to do with men. Instead, she finds comfort in owning her own pleasure—even in public places.

It's empowering and helps her forget.

What she didn't count on was Javier Perez trying to force his way into her heart, claiming her in a way no man has.

Javier Perez is a loner. He's always thought love is a distraction and makes you weak.

Until her.

April catches his eye, and his walls begin to crumble. Pulling her out of her past is one of the hardest missions he's ever encountered, but he's determined to prove to her that love conquers all.

Love Displayed is an Erotic Suspense Novel with graphic sexual scenes that may offend some readers. This book contains sexually explicit language, adult themes, the use of sex toys/equipment, and descriptions of rape/violence. This book contains content that is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Please read with caution.

1. Eres Todo en Mi’ (You’re My Everything) by Ana Gabriel
2. Dive by Usher
3. Sweetest Sin by Jessica Simpson
4. I Want to Spend my Lifetime Loving You by Marc Anthony & Tina Arena
5. Vision of Love by Mariah Carey
6. You Put a Move on my Heart by Tamia
7. Take my Breath Away by Berlin
8. Spanish Guitar by Toni Braxton
9. I Could Fall in Love by Selena
10. Any Time, Any Place by Janet Jackson
11. Not Afraid Anymore by Halsey
12. I’m Sure it’s You (The Wedding Song) by ShelĂ©a

I've enjoyed books for as long as I can remember. Reading allows you to expand your mind and make you say, what if? Four years ago, I became a part of the Book World as a Blogger and The Erotic Book Review was born.

I love reading and listening to all genres, but I'm very drawn to Romance on the kinky side of things. I believe pursuing your passion brings out your creativity and allows endless possibilities to come forth. Taking a reader on a journey that forces them to crossover into your world is magic. My love for stories has inspired me to write and share my words. I hope readers enjoy them as much as I loved creating them.

I live in North Georgia and I've been married to the love of my life for almost 29 years. We're parents of 5 adults and we have 9 grandchildren. We drive a Big Rig for a living and travel the entire US. When I'm not driving, I love writing, reading, and hanging out in my Private Playroom on FB. I love meeting new people and enjoy learning about other cultures. I love watching football and binge watching TV shows.

One quote I live by.."Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending”


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