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#BookTour #DarkMafiaRomance #AvailableNow - Morally Questionable Series by Veronica Lancet

Series: Morally Questionable Series
Titles: My Name is Pink ~ Morally Corrupt ~ Morally Blasphemous ~ Morally Decadent
Author: Veronica Lancet
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance

AMPed Up Books (My Name is Pink) - “This book will have you clamoring for the next!!”
Goodreads Review (Morally Corrupt) - "HOLY CANNOLI!!!! What a trip!!!This book reminded me of the MindF*ck series by ST Abby, but on steroids!"
Goodreads Review (Morally Blasphemous) - "I loved this book. Veronica has a brilliant mind. This book is now in my top 5 best darkest romances.! Morally Blasphemous is on the level of Tillie Cole's darkness. If you read her Deadly Virtues series you will love Morally Blasphemous. It's dark, twisted and some of it heartbreaking but it's fantastic, the writing is great, it's a real page turner."
Bookstagram Reviewer (Morally Decadent) "This book, without a question, has become one of the favourite reads. I was shaken, astounded, impressed and left with jaws wide open."

Pink—Femme Fatale
Artemis—Deadly Assassin
Bianca—Shy Socialite

All three have something in common–they love the same man. But can he love them all?

Theodore Hastings fucked Pink, married Bianca, and fought side by side with Artemis.

But this sick game of fuck marry kill is not that simple.

Not when all three are the same person.

And this is how it all started.

My Name Is Pink is the prequel to Morally Corrupt, and it depicts the budding relationship between Theo and Bianca. It ends on a HFN cliffhanger. Please be advised that it contains mature themes and triggers that might upset some readers.

She hid behind a pretty smile, the darkness that lay within.

He hid behind flawed justice, the blood that stained his hands.

Bianca Ashby, a certified sociopath with an obsession for her husband, tries to juggle two lives - the demure NYPD Chief Commissioner wife, and the perfect Bratva assassin; all the while keeping her husband safe and blissfully unaware.

But when high-level corruption and a personal vendetta raise the stakes, no one is who they say they are; least of all Bianca's perfectly dull husband Theo.
From glitzy New York ballrooms and charity events to underground sex rings, drugs, and illegal fights, the best pretender wins it all.

Warning: This book explores questionable moral behaviors and includes graphic violence and adult situations that may trigger some readers. Please proceed with caution!

She was an angel born of hopes and dreams.
He was a monster forged in blood and sin.

Marcello Lastra has always wanted one thing—to be left in peace.
When his estranged brother commits suicide, it’s up to him to take up the leadership mantle within the famiglia. Thrust into a mob war he wanted no part of, he must secure allies and outsmart his enemies.
A marriage alliance might be his only lifeline, but how can a man with an aversion to touch willingly tie himself to another?

Catalina Agosti has always wanted one thing—to protect her child.
Spurned by her family for being ‘damaged goods,’ Catalina has been exiled to a convent for the last ten years. One tragic event takes away all her choices, and she has to seek protection from a man with a mysterious past.
But how can Catalina trust another, when all her life she’s been betrayed by those who should have loved her?
As Marcello and Catalina navigate their new circumstances, past mistakes resurface and new secrets seek to turn them against each other.
Warring Families. Fractured Alliances. A Serial Killer on the loose.
And yet…
The greatest enemy might just be the one within.

Warning: Morally Blasphemous is an arranged marriage slow-burn romance. It includes extreme graphic violence and adult situations that may offend some readers. Please read the trigger warnings before proceeding.

She just wants to be free... in a world that thrives on her oppression.
He just wants control... of the one woman who would never submit.

Groomed from a young age to become the leader of a mafia empire, Enzo Agosti's life has been nothing but a series of luxurious one-stops around the globe in search of hedonistic gratification. Cold and domineering, his dazzling looks are his secret weapon—women fall at his feet; and men want to be him.
But behind the mask of opulence lay the ruins of a cynic, a man used to the dark solitude of the flashy public life, and a misanthrope weaned on bloody, depraved lullabies.

Timid and meek, Allegra Marchesi has always played the dutiful daughter. Though locked in a cage designed to stifle her knowledge and keep her in ignorant bliss, Allegra is every jailor's nightmare—she can think and act for herself. And like every prisoner, she has one goal—freedom.
Yet she is but a woman in a man's world, and she is quick to find out that far from absolute, there are degrees to freedom. And love might not be part of the equation.
Is she willing to trade one cage for another?
Intrigue. Obsession. Decadence.
A hate that bubbles just beneath the surface, it takes one woman to bring Enzo to his boiling point. Yet the intensity of his explosive emotions might very well prove to be the end of them both.

Morally Decadent is an enemies-to-lovers dark mafia romance that spans over a decade. There is NO cheating and the book ends with a HEA for the couple but with a cliffhanger for the series. It is best enjoyed if Morally Corrupt and Morally Blasphemous are read first. Please check the triggers before proceeding!


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