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#ReviewTour #AvailableNow #Historical #Interracial #Romance #KindleUnlimited - Die Without You: A Complete Historical Romance by Christine Gray

Title: Die Without You: A Complete Historical Romance
Author: Christine Gray
Genre: Historical/Interracial Romance
Release Date: June 18, 2020

“So, he gives me away like a harlot…as your property.”

My voice cracks under the verdict dealt me. Hojo searches my face. He can clearly read my emotions upon my depressed face.
“You are not my property, Kylenna.”

Hope? I lick my dried, salty tears from my lips.
“Then, it is as it was with my Mother when Musa sent her to your lands,” I begin. “I will be free to make a life of my own, free from…”
My words trail off at Hojo’s slow shake of his head.

“You will remain with me.”

“But why? You can give me your protection, and I can live as I choose,” I explain.

“You will remain with me,” he repeats.

I tilt my head. “Are you telling me I’m more than a bag of grain tossed in to close a deal?”

Hojo chuckles. “This can be whatever we envision it to be, Kylenna. It will bring changes, but it can also be pleasurable and sustaining, too.”


Why after years of wanting, wishing to be his, fate has chosen to step in, but not on my terms? I can't allow my heart to trick me into believing what I see in Hojo's eyes, what I feel while his body moves over mine is real. Yet, when he says, "I'll Die Without You...when I see him willing to take apart everything and everyone to love me, I wonder if I'm willing to sacrifice it all for love?

"I'll wait for you like a stone, unmoving till you return to me, Kylenna."

I taste the blood from her kills in her kiss. The fact that I might lose her in this battle doesn't even occur to me. She's a harden warrior. The same way she's slashed her way across the bloody field to stand at my side, I know she'll fight to find me again.- HOJO

Christine Sapphire Gray is an author, publisher, and entrepreneur. Beginning her career under the pen name, Sapphire, her list of books include Don't Tell My Husband, One of a Kind Love, Sweet Obsessions, the paranormal series, Relentless; A Vampire King's Desire, and many more.

Christine Gray is a very creative writer that's heating up the Interracial Romance scene with her talent for creating books that pull her readers into the story, allowing them to experience every emotion. Her gift for original story lines laced with mystery, humor and erotic moments combined with strong women, and devilishly handsome men, has brought her a large fan base since her start in fall 2014 with Royalty Publishing House.

Now as a CEO of After Hours Publications, it's her desire to push the boundaries of the Lit world by offer stories in the Paranormal, Erotica, and Historical Fiction, even Sci-Fi genres which are areas that many African American characters aren't featured. She desires to offer a platform to creative authors which will allow them fertile soil to create stories with a combination of drama, romance, and lust that will sizzle right off the pages. It's Christine's goal to offer new experiences to readers by introducing them new possibilities in the world of fiction.


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