Monday, June 7, 2021

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited - Addicted Love (Love Sick Series Book 4) by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Title: Addicted Love
Series: Love Sick Series #4
Author: Sydney Aaliyah Michelle
Genre: Sports Romance/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 7, 2021

She staggers in excess. He wallows in self-control. Will exposing their weaknesses destroy their chance at love or forge a path to a happily ever after?

Sultry songstress Sophie Guidry comes alive on the stage. Her voice brings men to their knees. No one tells her what to do or tells her no. When her friends introduce her to a dark, handsome man with sincere eyes, his rejection makes her long for a life she doesn’t feel she deserves.

The key to Kori Brooks’ success is self-discipline and control. As the youngest in his field, he works hard to silence his demons. He appreciates his achievements because he almost lost it all. But when he’s introduces to a beauty with soulful eyes and a sexy smile, he fears her tempting ways may push him back on a path of destruction.

Kori’s willing to give Sophie a chance, but on his terms. Sophie agrees, but when Kori changes the rules, they both risk pushing each other over the edge. Will their addictive tendencies destroy them both, or will they push through to create a happily ever after for them both to thrive?

Addicted love is the explosive fourth book in the Love Sick romance series. If you like interesting characters, with an undeniable attractive and a desire to fight off their demons for love, you’ll adore Sydney Aaliyah Michelle’s epic journey.

The ache in my brain competed with the soreness between my legs. I was on opposite ends of the pain pleasure spectrum in my own body, and I liked it.

I rolled over and gripped my head. It pounded against my skull. I curled into a tight ball. If I reduced the space, the pain would lessen. I hugged my legs to my chest and settled, waited for the pounding to subside.

I blinked my eyes open and slid my hand over the sheets behind me. They were cold.

I sat up suddenly. Bad move. My brain took a minute to catch up. I squeezed my eyes shut and flopped back onto the bed.

Let’s do this in stages.

It was late or early; the sun hadn’t come up yet.

My eyes peeled open. I wiped the crust from the corners as I adjusted onto my side and slowly lifted my head. My dress lay across the foot of the bed. I pushed myself up. The shoes I had on last night were neatly lined up next to the pile of shoes in the corner.

I shifted my legs and the ache in my pussy made me pause. Images from last night pried their way into my consciousness. Kori at the club. Him staring through me while I sang as he bobbed his head to the jazz beats. The intense feeling he was ready to bolt until I acknowledged his presence.

“Oh God.” The walk home and the confession at the corner and then the kiss. It all came flooding back in a wave of embarrassment and lust. I flopped on my back and attempted to rub the image out of my brain through my eyeballs. My body heated with images of Kori on his knees. I could feel the trail of kisses on my stomach. The dirty glint in his eye when he asked me—no, told me to sit on his face. I shuddered.

I slid to the side of the bed and sat up. I placed my feet on the floor. That was enough for right now.

Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is a Contemporary Romance writer, a voracious reader, tattoo lover, and movie fanatic who hails from Texas.

After surviving 5 1/2 years living in China, she had the courage to finally pursue her passion and become a writer.

She identifies the sci-fi action flick "The Matrix" as the best representation of her life in the past. She is now blessed to be awake and doing what she loves.

She can recite the entire script from the 80's teen comedy/drama "The Breakfast Club" and loves any and everything associated with the Avengers Movie, especially Tony Stark.

When it comes to books, Sydney reads different genres, but some of her favorite writers are Stephen King, Xyla Turner, J.A Huss, Kaia Bennett, & Emily Bronte. Under the Dome, The Great Gatsby & Wuthering Heights are her favorite books.


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