Friday, June 25, 2021

#NewRelease #FairyTale #MustRead - Honor Thy Father (Once Upon a Heartbreak Collection) by Nancy Chastain

Title: Honor Thy Father
Collection: Once Upon a Heartbreak Collection 
Author: Nancy Chastain
Genre: Rewritten Fairy Tale
Release Date: June 25, 2021

Follow the breadcrumbs to the dark secrets of the city.

The dead body behind the rec center brings a struggling community to its knees. No one believes the staged scene, especially not the people closest to the victim—the police chief's children. Corruption has embedded itself in the city, and something has to be done.

Gina and Henry enlist the help of a long-time family friend and undercover cop to investigate. TJ, who can't resist helping his teenage love and his best friend, positions himself inside the safe haven, where he stumbles upon a little boy. The little boy who holds the key.

When the clues lead them deeper into the bowls of the criminal underworld, no one is safe. The more they figure out, the less protected they become.

Honor Thy Father is a compelling romantic suspense novella with a heroic brother's best friend vibe, loosely based on Hansel & Gretel.

Pretty Little Pieces by Sonya Jesus Release: June 29, 2021

Nancy’s a wild child trapped inside a responsible adult. She has found a release for her fun loving disobedient self-inside her characters. Nancy loves tequila, dragons and wizards. She has a collection of the mythical creatures that decorate her office.

Finally allowing herself the time to go after a life time dream of writing. Her characters are stubborn, strong, full of emotion and cuss like sailors. (Just like her.)

Nancy has always had an interest in paranormal. Reading anything and everything she can on the subject of psychics and mediums. The theory that the average human only uses ten percent of their brain has always led to the question of; What could a person be capable of if they tapped into the other ninety percent?

She enjoys meeting new people and spending time with them discussing books. If you see her online or in person be sure and say hello.

“Your life, your dreams, take chances, believe anything’s possible.” ~ Nancy


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