Thursday, June 17, 2021

#NewRelease #DarkRomance #KindleUnlimited - Showcase by P. Roper

Title: Showcase
Author: P. Roper
Release: June 17, 2021
Genre: Dark Romance
Cover Design: Dalia Hernandez
Teaser Design: Enticing Journey Designs

My life was anything but ordinary. Being wrapped in taboo secrecy meant being lonely, even in a crowded room.

That was my world. Until I met him. He swooped in, knocking everything I knew off its axis and rearranging things in the most charmed fashion.

But I’ve come to realize that even a dramatic shift in scenery doesn’t change the people around me. It only alters their methods of scrutiny and has the power to open me up to bigger, more startling realities.

However, I guess it’s a good thing that my knight in shining armor plucked me from my tower. Had he not, I may not have known the ugliness of his world. But I also would never have learned what it felt like when my soul caught fire.

** This book contains mature content, not suitable for young readers, included but not limited to strong language, dark themes, and sexual scenes that may be triggers to some readers.**

P. Roper is a word junkie & caffeine enthusiast, born and raised in Western Canada. When she’s not writing (or reading) you’ll usually find her with her husband, chasing their hurricane of a daughter. Or she may be grabbing a coffee with her best friend. She has been half of the book review team Just Living a Thousand Lives since 2019, focused on NA romance; but don’t ask because there is no way she could actually choose a favourite trope. Ask anyone who knows her to confirm, she's been known to be kind of a big deal. She is releasing her debut novel, Showcase, summer 2021.


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