Monday, March 1, 2021

#CoverReveal #PreOrder #Giveaway - This Love (Renegades Book #1) by Lissa Lynn Thomas

Title: This Love
Series: Renegades Book #1
Author: Lissa Lynn Thomas
Genre: Small Town, Second Chance, Friends to Lovers, Love Triangle, Country/Rockstar Romance
Release Date: April 13, 2021
Cover Design: Marisa at Cover Me Darling

I'm a country song waiting to happen.

No, seriously.

Two lifelong best friends, my best friend and my ex, closer than brothers with one girl stuck in the middle. Of course, that girl would be me. And, to make things even more fraught, they're both members of the area's hottest Country band. That I manage.

The worst part of all this, though, is that I know I'm going to break someone's heart. Might even break all three of our hearts...

At least they're sure to get a hit song out of this?

I nudge Raif's shoulder with my own and speak out of the side of my mouth, "Last chance to run, brother."

He sighs, but doesn't even turn his head to look at me. Reverend Brownell, situated on Raif's other side, on the other hand, looks less than thrilled with me.

Guess I was louder than I thought.

Damn it. At least I tried.

I'm distracted from thoughts of kidnapping the groom before he can make the biggest mistake of his life by the appearance of the love of my life at the end of the aisle. Chloe Jane Morris has owned my heart since I learned that girls weren't all evil. Just my sisters, it turns out. Well, and Pippa. But that's a given at this point.

Even with a fake smile plastered on her face, she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Big serious green eyes framed with thick dark lashes, a heart-shaped face dotted with a smattering of freckles and a full mouth. Her cascade of mahogany hair is curled into perfect ringlets that bounce down to the small of her back, tiny pink rosettes threaded through the silky length. Pippa forced her into a strapless pink dress that barely hits her knees and a matching pair of ridiculously high heels. The dress looks more like something a ballerina would wear.

Also, pink. Chloe loathes pink.

She takes slow, measured steps until she's standing across from me. Her eyes look to mine when she stills and her pretty face flushes, our eyes locked on each other for a moment. I can still see longing there. Or is that in my head?

No. It's there.

She smiles at me, the same smile that's been knocking me out since we were kids. She may have ended things with me almost two years ago now, but I know in my soul that she's my one and only. I still don't know why she ended it.

We were happy. Blissfully so. I know she wasn't faking that.

Chloe drops my eyes finally, straightening her shoulders as though pulling herself together.

It's a wearying tightrope walk of trying to be her friend and not let anyone see how I still burn for her.

Lissa Lynn Thomas writes flawed individuals living in stories that mix humor with the darker side of life and love. With Helena Novak, she's one half of A.L. Shea.


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