Thursday, February 11, 2021

#ReleaseBoost #NewRelease #MCRomance - Bound by Consequences (Ravage MC Bound Series) by Ryan Michele

Title: Bound by Consequences
Series: Ravage MC Bound Series Book 7
Author: Ryan Michele
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: January 21, 2021

Cat’s Guilty Pleasure - “Oh my what an ending! This was a short book, but so worth it.”

Goodreads Review - “Ryan has done it again. Writing a story that gives you everything you never knew you needed in a story and leaving you wanting more.”

Goodreads Review - “A tender story of understanding, family, and kismet. It's an angsty page-turner that makes me beg for more.”

Coming home from the Marines, Micah Tugger doesn’t know what to expect, but knows there are consequences to pay to the Ravage Motorcycle Club.
He’d left Sumner, Georgia a confused boy and now has come back a man, one who knows what he wants in life and that includes his family.
But will the brothers of the Ravage MC accept him? Or turn him away?

Add in a secret surprise that calls him daddy, Micah is in for a hell of a ride.

Ensley has had to run from home hoping for a better life for her daughter than the strict religious one she grew up in. It hasn’t been easy, but luckily she found a family of her own making.

But just when she gets comfortable, the man from her one night stand appears back in her life. Will he try and take her little girl from her? Or will there be a second chance at love in her future?

Yep. It was time to go home and see how my life would be now. What had changed? What was the same? Who would hate me, which I knew a lot would. And by some miracle, who would give me a second chance? The hate, the consequences, they were all part of it. Could I overcome the shadow of the boy I once was? This was yet to be determined. My goals, my thoughts, my entire being was different than the person I was when I left here last time. They didn’t know that, though, and I wasn’t so sure anyone cared to give me an opportunity to find out who the man I was today happened to be.      Without missing a beat, my eyes scanned the space ahead of me. My mother, also known as Blaze, was the first person I saw as I exited the plane, tears streaming down her face. Her hand in a fist over her lips as she tried to breathe. She’d always been beautiful, and that hadn’t changed one bit. Even with tear streaks running down her face. She loved me in a way I didn’t understand before, but I treasured it now. 

  Next to her was my father, Andrew, but he went by Tug. He had a wide smile on his face. We had shit to work out, but he was obviously happy to have me home. There was a time I never thought we would be in this place, but I’m damn sure glad we were now. It took a long time. When he told me he was proud of me two years ago after meeting me for a visit, the tension in our relationship began to slightly uncoil. There was a lot more to go, but it was a start, and I’d take it. 

  What I didn’t expect was the shock to my core as I saw the members of the Ravage MC and their women all standing behind Mom and Dad. Some with signs, holding them up high.        All. Of. Them. 

  Cruz and Princess. GT and Angel. Buzz and Bella. Breaker and Shaina. Rhys and Tanner. Ma and Pops. Cooper and Bristyl. Deke and Rylie. Austyn and Ryker. Green and Leah. Nox and his woman, who I hadn’t yet been introduced to, but Mom had told me about her. Axel. Raiden. Booker. Mazie. Every single one of them stood in front of me. 

  A huge gut punch was Emery and Jacks. Jacks hated me and had every right to. I’d hate me too if the shoe was on the other foot. That bridge gap would take years to heal, if it ever could be. I wasn’t going to hold my breath, or death would meet me faster. I’d earned his backlash for a lifetime, that was certain. 


  The memories flooded through me, but I pressed all the emotions down. God, the woman who I’d thought about so many times over the years. She was stunning even now. There had always been something about Emery to me. Her smile and ease to be around. I’d always thought she’d be mine, but that wasn’t the plan. She would forever be the one who got away. As long as she was happy, then I was happy for her. It was time to let that go, for good. No going back. That door was bolted shut forever. 

  It blew my mind seeing everyone welcoming me home.

Ryan Michele is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of over 40 romantic suspense novels. She found her passion bringing fictional characters to life, being in an imaginative world where anything is possible. Her knack for the unexpected twists and turns will have you on the edge of your seat with each page. She is best known for her alpha, bad boy bikers and strong, independent heroines who refuse to back down. When she’s not writing, you can find her on her swing, watching the water ripple in the pond and plotting her next book.


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