Friday, February 5, 2021

#NewRelease #Giveaway #SteamyRomance - Acts of Closure (The Act Series #1) by NT Anderson

Title: Acts of Closure
Series: The Act Series #1
Author: NT Anderson
Genre: Steamy Romance
Release Date: February 5, 2021

Natalie has been waiting twenty years for this moment. Standing on Jack’s doorstep, she is about to come face-to-face with a man she’s never met. Someone who charmed her from a distance, without even knowing it. The stories from a mutual friend lit the spark. An anonymous internet fling in the early days of social media kindled the fire.

Shared intimacies and secret desires fanned the flames.

But that was years ago, and their lives moved on…

Jack’s dream of conquering Hollywood becomes a reality. Staying cloistered away in his own world, he finds success behind the scenes. Natalie opts for family and a career. Everything working out as it should…until her husband makes a change that throws her life off

balance. Now she’s wondering ‘What if?’…and she’s about to find out.

In a bold, calculated move, fixed on discovering if Jack is still harboring the pain of his past, Natalie travels to the Northeast in search of the answer. Compelled to finally meet the man who has been invading her dreams, she needs to know where the path she didn’t follow

may have led. One way or another, she needs closure.


Giveaway Includes:
- Signed paperback copy of Acts of Closure
- AoC bookmark
- AoC stemless wine glass
- AoC tote bag
- Two pairs of fuzzy heart socks
- Spicy cinnamon-scented candle
- Heart-shaped package of Lindor truffles

NT Anderson has lived in multiple countries and states and is currently hunkered down in the Endless Mountain Region of the Northeast US. Her chosen professional path was restaurant management and hospitality services until 2009 when she turned her passion for writing into a career as a content creator. In 2019, she took it several steps farther by diving into the world of fiction.

Nikki can usually be found keeping odd hours, spending time with family and friends, talking to the characters in her head via candlelight, and plotting her next adventure. Several furbabies keep her on her toes, including two spoiled dogs, a pudgy cat, and a feisty horse.

She fancies herself to be a pirate, especially on Saturday nights when she breaks out the rum.


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