Monday, February 15, 2021

#NewRelease #BoxSet #KindleUnlimited - That Man: Matrimonial Misadventures (Books 6-8) by Nelle L'Amour

Title: That Man: Matrimonial Misadventures (books 6-8)
Author: Nelle L'Amour
Genre: Steamy Romantic Comedy
Release Date: February 12, 2021


Scorchin' hot Blake Burns and his tiger Jen are back in three steamy, laugh-out-loud matrimonial misadventures. And so is his zany, oversexed Grandma!

Things are hotter than ever...but what can go wrong does go wrong.

BOOK 6: When Blake and Jen fly to the Maldives to celebrate their anniversary, they barely escape a crash landing. Marooned on a deserted island without food, Wi-Fi, or sex toys, will they survive the life-threatening forces of nature?

BOOK 7: When a night of enraptured sex turns into a f***ing nightmare. THAT MAN may lose his beloved wife. And something else he can't live without!

BOOK 8: When Blake and Jen get a dog, they get more than they bargained for. Meet panty-loving Scout...the world's worst dog! Alpha bad boy Blake has met his match. THAT DOG!

PLUS... A sizzling sneak peek of THAT MAN 9!!!

Be prepared to laugh, cry, and swoon!

NOTE: FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, THAT MAN TRILOGY (Books 1-3) is FREE! to all Amazon customers. Can one blindfolded kiss change a player? Fall in love with Blake and his tiger Jen! Don't miss out on the romantic comedy series that many call "the best series they've ever read!"


“I hope you don’t mind, but I’m playing a game of Truth or Dare, and I have to kiss you.” God, how ridiculous I must sound and look with my blindfold.

I took my victim’s silence as a sign he was willing to play along. Okay, here goes. Clutching his angular jaw between my hands, I bent down to kiss him. But before I could latch my lips onto his, he rose and, in one swift move, crashed his lips onto mine.

Oh. My. God. A heat wave shot through me. It was one of those kisses like in a movie. Fierce, delicious, passionate. Opened mouth and oh so consuming. And he tasted divine—the sweet taste of champagne lacing his breath. He bit my upper lip, forcing me to part them, and plunged his warm, velvety tongue inside my mouth. His tongue instantly found mine and they entwined, dancing like they’d been together forever. He tugged hard on my ponytail, yanking back my head, and coiled it around his hand, tearing at my roots. The delicious pain mixed with the delicious pleasure of his kiss, sending a rush of erotic sensations through me. Every nerve ending was a sparking fuse. My breathing grew shallow. Already lightheaded, I was now borderline delirious. I’d never been kissed by a man like this before. I didn’t want him to stop. What was wrong with me? I’d just gotten engaged.

In the background, I could vaguely hear my friends cheering and whistling. “Go, girl!” For sure, head cheerleader Chaz.

My inner voice told me to stop, but no matter how much I willed it, I couldn’t get my lips to part from his. In fact, I deepened the kiss, pulling him closer to me by the collar of his shirt. The material felt expensive, like the gazillion thread Egyptian cotton kind. Everything about this man tasted and felt divine. He squeezed my ponytail tighter. I moaned into his mouth and he moaned back. God, the throaty sound of him was sexy!

And then suddenly, as fast as he had plunged his tongue into my mouth, he withdrew it. In tandem, he let go of my hair. I gasped, desperate for more.

“Wait!” I cried out, my hands grappling for him. Instead of finding him, I found myself knocking over a chilled glass. My heightened sense of smell told me it was his champagne.

“I’m sorry,” I croaked, struggling to tear off the tight, blinding tie. “I’ll buy you another.” Finally, I undid the tie. I blinked once. He was gone, and I was painfully all alone. Where did he go? My eyes frantically searched the pulsating crowd, darting left and right, but he was nowhere to be found. Even if he was facing me somewhere, staring into my eyes, I wouldn’t know it because I didn’t know what he looked like.

My friends were now all standing and applauding me. I’d lived up to the dare. Kissed a strange man on the lips. Oh, those lips!

Dazed, I staggered back to the group and dared not tell them how much I’d enjoyed it. And wanted more.

Nelle L’Amour, is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Los Angeles with her Prince Charming-ish husband, beautiful twin princesses, and a bevy of royal pain-in-the-butt pets. A former executive in both the entertainment and toy industries with a prestigious Humanitas Prize for promoting human dignity and freedom to her credit, she gave up playing with Barbies a long time ago, but still enjoys playing with toys with her hubby. While she write in her PJs, she love to get dressed up and pretend she's Hollywood royalty. Her steamy stories feature characters that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon and stay in your heart forever.


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