Monday, January 25, 2021

#BookTour #AvailableNow - Beautiful Things Evil People Do by Kailee Samuels

Title: Beautiful Things Evil People Do
Author: Kailee Samuels
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: January 19, 2021

I wrote the ad to get attention.
I wanted a hot topic for my paper.
I needed to stand out in the crowd.
A few months later, he showed up.

I may have gotten more than I bargained for.
Because in my fantasy, I never thought he’d stay.

A Dark Romance, Kailee Samuels’ Beautiful Things Evil People Do, is a full length, standalone with a happily ever after. Recommended for mature readers 18+, not suitable for people sensitive on hard to read dark themes. BTEPD is about meeting challenges head on, finding fearless courage within, and embracing love wherever it may lead.

“Brilliant, sexy hot, and fantastically done! It drew out my emotions like crazy! Bravo!” – GoodReads Reviewer

“Ms. Samuels writes really well-written, engaging, interesting and unique books. This newest addition to her work ranks high in this regard.” – GoodReads Reviewer

“The writing is superb with the author weaving a romance that is a mixture dark and sweet. Do not be one to miss out on this incredible story.” – GoodReads Reviewer

“And I literally fell in love with every aspect of this beautiful, mouth-watering story. And that is exactly what their journey is.... mouth-watering.” – GoodReads Reviewer
“Kailee Samuels is not a writer who's characters lay flat on the page. Beautiful Things Evil People Do (BTEPD) will jump off the page and drag you into their world.” – GoodReads Reviewer


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