Monday, December 7, 2020

#ChristmasBlitz #Giveaway - A Holiday Homecoming (Christmas at the Sugarberry Inn) by Jessa York

Title: A Holiday Homecoming
Series: Christmas at the Sugarberry Inn
Author: Jessa York
Genre: Contemporary/Small-Town/Holiday Romance
Release Date: November 16, 2020

The Sugarberry Inn is exactly how I remember it.

Cute, kitschy, and tourist trappy.

It’s also the last place I want to be.

But when my best friend asks me to be in her wedding, I can’t exactly say no.

I just hope I can get through this trip without seeing him. Logan Wainwright.

The man who broke my heart ten years ago.

Seeing as how he owns half the town, I think my chances of that Christmas miracle happening are slim to none.

Jessa lives in a very non-descript, unassuming town filled with the best kind of people. Most days, she can be found in the stands of various soccer fields, cheering her on Youngest, or discussing books with her Oldest (who is an English Honors student).
At night, if she's not up burning the midnight oil, Jessa enjoys snuggling up to her hubby and watching his latest pick for a cheesy romance movie. He always chooses the best ones. (after he cooks supper, of course).


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