Saturday, November 21, 2020

#ReviewTour #AvailableNow - Out of the Gold (The Hunte Family Series) by Arell Rivers

Title: Out of the Gold
Series: The Hunte Family Series
Author: Arell Rivers
Genre: Enemies to Lovers Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 12, 2020

Can the leading man win his costume designer’s heart—or will
their happily ever after crash and burn
like something straight out of a Hollywood tragedy?

Chase Wright
Hollywood’s golden boy.
Way hotter than he has any right to be.
And more cocky than all movie stars-combined.
He was just the impatient ass she was supposed to sew into the superhero costume. Getting to know him was never part of her plan. Starting to like him wasn’t, either. Giving him way too much of herself? Potential disaster. Especially when his next role crashes against her deep-seated vulnerabilities.

Melody Hunte
Daughter of rock royalty.
Assistant costume designer extraordinaire.
Possibly the woman of his dreams … before he ruined everything.
All he wanted was to be taken seriously as an actor—to be seen as more than a pretty-boy “movie star.” The audition was forgotten before it even ended. It didn’t mean anything. But as it turns out, Melody does mean something. She’s everything. She’s golden. Now all he has to do is fix the giant mess he made before he loses her for good.


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