Friday, November 13, 2020

#ReleaseBoost #AvailableNow #KindleUnlimited - Imperfect (Perfect Series) D.D. Larsen

Title: Imperfect
Series: Perfect Series
Author: D.D. Larsen
Genre: Erotic Romance/Suspense
Release Date: October 27, 2020

D.D. Larsen’s second book of her Perfect series is a bite-your-bottom-lip, sizzling romance about two young lovers involved in a sinister conspiracy that threatens their forever.

Newlywed and pregnant, Seryna believes she’s found it all in her charming, successful husband Kieran. She’s given up a lot to be with him, and so far, it’s been worth it. But during an idyllic honeymoon in the British Virgin Islands, Kieran is kidnapped, throwing her dreams of happiness into a tailspin.

Four months later, heartbroken, but determined to carry on, Seryna enrolls in college, where she meets Ryder—an attractive and stable guy who quickly becomes her best friend. As she slowly accepts her husband’s probable death, Seryna begins to develop feelings for Ryder.

But just when she settles into her new life, dangerous truths unfold, and unlikely enemies emerge. Who wants to hurt her? Who can she trust? And who deserves to win her heart once and for all?

Amazon Review - “A sequel that’s better than the first!”
Shasta Hope - “Taboo but with a few spins..worth the read”
Old.enough.for.fairytales - “So y’all, I binged this book. Could not wait to read it every night before bed.”

D.D. Larsen grew up in a small town in Colorado. As a child, she was always formulating stories in her mind. Now, she gets to share her books with the world. She loves romance novels, and writing about mountain settings comes naturally (pun intended). But she's a woman of many interests, as proved by her bachelor of science degree in biological and chemical engineering and her passionate pursuit of ski racing and other athletic endeavors.


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