Thursday, October 29, 2020

#NewRelease - Millionaire Romance: Reality TV Series Box Set by Anastasia Alexander

Title: Millionaire Romance: Reality TV Series Box Set
Author: Anastasia Alexander
Genre: Closed Door TV/Reality TV Romance
Release Date: October 29, 2020

Can love survive Friday the 13th, the world watching, and rich bachelors being flown to an island? Buckle up for this award-winning reality tv romance three novel collection.

This closed-door romance explores the complexity of love in the twenty-first century and just how powerful love can be even with the world watching.

Included in this box set:
The Superstitious Romance (pre-quel)
Romancing JT
Catalina Romance


“I found this to be a quick read, and one that stays with me as I go about my day. I would read more from this author.” – Linda Orvis, Line by Line (The Superstitious Romance)
"Anastasia Alexander weaves an interesting story with characters that readers will love. This is a story with great emotional and psychological depth. Anastasia Alexander succeeds in keeping the excitement of her readers high while building on characters that they can easily connect to. This is, indeed, an engaging and entertaining read." -- Romuald Dzemo, Readers' Favorite (Romancing JT)
“Anastasia Alexander’s Catalina Romance is a delightful read with unexpected turns. Alexander veers off from common romance trends as they appear on reality TV and reveals the raw, unedited whirlwind of emotions that constantly bombard both the star and the contestants. To all lovers of romance, Catalina Romance will prove to be a wonderful read.” —Edith Wairimu, Reader’s Favorite (Catalina Romance)

Anastasia Alexander doesn’t have the answers to life’s love questions. What she does know is that love in the 21st Century is complex. There are no easy answers, and there is a lot of richness and juiciness in exploring all the complexity that love brings.
Her credentials are two failed marriages, equaling twenty-three years of marriage and a willingness to believe that maybe a third one will be her lucky number. Or she might decide to compete with Elizabeth Taylor for who can get married the most times. It is yet to be determined which option she’s going to go for, but until then she pours her passion and sarcasm for relationships into her stories.


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