Friday, October 9, 2020

#NewRelease #99pennies #MCRomance - Finding Angel (Angel's Rules #1) by Lexi Noir

Title: Finding Angel
Series: Angel's Rules #1
Author: Lexi Noir
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 9, 2020
Cover Design: Design Bunnies 

When their mom is dying, Jemma has to find her sister. But doing so changes her life forever. Growing up the Gaines sisters had a tough life, and Tara moved away leaving Jem alone. Now Jemma has to find her before their mom loses her life. Jem’s surprised when she finds her sister taking her clothes off for a living. Tara works for the Angels’ Fury MC strip club. Jemma doesn’t account for the MC president, Angel. As soon as Angel sets eyes on the beauty she turns his life upside down. With her sexy body and her sassy mouth, he knows he’s in trouble. A spur of the moment decision sees Jemma stripping on the stage. It’s not something she wants to do, but if it buys her sister time to see their mom, then she’ll do it. However, Angel isn’t as happy to see her on his stage as he thought he would be. Has Angel met his match? Will Jemma make it home in time to see her mom?

She huffs as she starts to walk past me toward the door, “What do you want from me Travis?”

“Everything.” I reply and watch as her eyes flash with fear and uncertainty.  “You have twenty minutes and I’m coming to look for you.”

She nods, “I’m not worth your time Travis, trust me. I’m broken and nothing is ever going to fix me. You’re better off just forgetting about me.” She drops that bombshell as she leaves, her voice small and I want to snatch her up and find out what broke her. Instead, I watch as she leaves, not once turning back.

“She’s got you tied up in knots. I’ve not seen you act that way ever brother.” Tank says walking into my office. “I get it, she’s sexy as fuck, her attitude is hotter than hell and I rekon she’ll ignite under you like the fourth of July. But she’s got a lot of baggage, did you see the scars?”

“What fucking scars?” I growl, I didn’t see any.

“She tried to hide them, but I saw them. Her thighs, her stomach, and I’m pretty sure she has some on her chest and back.” He explains, “They were silvery, she did a fuck of a good job trying to cover them up, especially with so much glitter, but I know scars and she’s got a lot and not just on the outside.”

“She told me she’s broken.” I confide in him.

He nods, “The good ones usually are. But they make it worth trying to fix them. You fix her, she’ll stay loyal by your side.”

“She’s too good for this life.”

He barks out a laugh, “Nah brother, she’s not, I think she’s just what you need. She’s yours, we can all see that. You’ve just gotta make sure she does.”

A knock at the door has both of us turning, it’s Savage, he’s got a shit eating grin on his face. “Um, Prez, your woman is about ready to kill the prospect.”

I groan, “What the fuck?” I say getting to my feet and prowling out to find out what the hell is going on.

I hear her voice before I see her. “Didn’t your mama ever teach you not to perv on people?”

I growl. “Yeah, he tried to watch as she got dressed. Don’t think he realized she’s yours. If he did, well then, he’s got a death wish,” Savage says with a grin.

Hey, I'm Lexi! I'm a mum, wife, and avid reader! I write romance, because, love is everything!
I specialize in explicit and sexy tales, I write short, sinful stories that feature erotic scenes.
If you want erotic stories that are short and always have a climatic ending, then look no further, my books are exactly what you need.


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