Monday, September 21, 2020

#ReviewTour #RomanticSuspense #SecondChanceRomance #KURomance - Always Been You (Cedar Lake Series #1) by Sadie Allen

Title: Always Been You
Series: Cedar Lake Series #1
Author: Sadie Allen
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Second Chance Romance

One phone call can change your whole life. 

Emma Taylor thought she left Cedar Lake behind and the boy who broke her heart along with it but…

Fate had other ideas.

Tragedy has brought me back to this small Texas town where everything and nothing has changed. The nothing being I still find myself attracted to the boy, now man, who ruined me all those years ago.

I shouldn’t want him. I know what it’s like to be burned by him, but… I can’t deny the pull of Braz Huntswell, especially now that I’m his daughter’s teacher. 

Brazos Huntswell’s life didn’t turn out how he planned in high school. He was supposed to leave Cedar Lake and chase his college baseball dreams before coming home to take over his family’s cattle ranch. 

Two pink lines on a piece of plastic was the fly ball out of nowhere.

Being a single dad is tough. Being a single dad to a hormonal teenage daughter should qualify me for sainthood. Not only that, I’m trying to keep my family’s legacy alive. 

I gave up on love after my ex-wife left me to shoulder everything on my own. But that all changed when I hear her voice on the other end of the phone… The one who got away, well, the one I pushed away—Emma Taylor, my Red. 

Cedar Lake isn’t the town they once knew, and people are turning up dead. Someone doesn’t want Braz and Emma together, and they’d do anything to keep them apart… permanently.

"Wow. Wow. Wow! I did not expect this book to be so packed tight of insanity! Sadie Allen does a fantastic job of writing a fantastical tale about a long lost romance, but she throws in some thrills and chills to keep the reader hooked!" -- Briar's Reviews

"Always Been You is a spine-tingling tale that will draw you in from the very first page and hold on tight until the last!!" -- Red's Romance Reviews

"I absolutely love this book! Second chance romance along with some suspense kept me reading from beginning to the end. -- Magic Beyond The Covers Book Blog

"Emma and Brazos are one of the sweetest couples I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. Their story is far from perfect. But their love is absolutely legendary." -- The Laundry Librarian 

Sadie Allen is the author of three novels and has several more trapped inside her head. Her dreams of becoming an author started in fourth grade when she wrote a story about a disastrous Thanksgiving where a cat jumped inside the turkey.

She currently lives in Texas with her husband and three small children but is still hopeful her Hogwarts acceptance letter will be in the mail but will settle for Camp Half-Blood. When she's not pretending to write, she's chasing children around the house or store or ballfield, or helping her husband do something on the farm.


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