Wednesday, August 26, 2020

#ReleaseBoost #KindleUnlimited - The Rival's Protector (The Silent Family) by T. Steele

Title: The Rival's Protector
Series: The Silent Family
Author: T. Steele
Genre: Erotic Romance/Mafia Romance
Release Date: August 12, 2020

Amazon Review: “Everything you could want in a Mafia Romance!”
Amazon Review: “Intriguing love story about crossing lines in the dark, dangerous mafia world.”
Amazon Review: “Some Fierce Protecting!”

I’m known as Zoya. But I’m an imposter in my own body. A robot, if you will. 


But it’s a mask, because when you grow up in the Russian mafia under one of the cruelest men to ever exist, you learn how to play the game very quickly. 

I thought I had found my break—saving the daughter of one of the most influential mob bosses in Detroit, escaping by her side. 

I thought I would be in the good graces of The Silent Family, but of course, just like anything with the mafia, things aren’t that simple. The new boss doesn’t trust me, because I’m still a rival in his eyes. And when he places me under Ryder’s watchful eye, I know it will only get worse. 

Ryder, who’s healing from a gunshot wound that my now-dead betrothed gave him. 

Ryder, who wants revenge against the Russians more than anything. 

But when he looks at me, there’s something in his dark eyes. Something carnal. Something hungry. 

He can’t fight the way his body responds to mine, and even with all the odds stacked against us, I don’t know if I can either. 

But when old enemies return, will The Silent Family be forced to put their trust in me and see me as one of them?

T. Steele writes about tortured alphas and the women that bring them to their knees. She's also always drinking coffee to help her keep up with the chatty characters in her brain. Her nicknames are Taytay, Tdawg, Tmoney, and The Chaos Queen.


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