Thursday, July 30, 2020

#NewRelease #PNR #MustRead - Bayou Reckoning (The Crane Diaries) by Apryl Baker

Title: Bayou Reckoning
Series: The Crane Diaries 
Author: Apryl Baker
Genre: Paranormal/PNR/Horror
Release Date: July 30, 2020
Cover Design: Deranged Doctor Design

Serial Killers.
Vengeful Ghosts.
Soul Eaters.
Fallen Angels.
Primordial Evils.

These are just some of the big bads Emma Rose Crane has survived. She always comes out the other side a little more broken, but she hides it from the world. No one knows how vulnerable she really is. Not even Officer Dan, who loves her more than she thinks she deserves.

But a new danger has entered her world that threatens to destroy everything she’s fought so hard to build and protect—Kristoff, a psychotic vampire who’s fixated on her. He’s one of the few things she’s afraid of because he knows her greatest fears.

And he has no problem using them against her.

He’s cut her off from everyone she loves, everyone who could help her, and she’s back to where she began.


Now she must use all the skills she learned in foster care to survive the hell Kristoff has thrust her into, but will it be enough?




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