Wednesday, July 29, 2020

#CoverReveal #PreOrder - The Queen (The Hitman Series) by Ellie Isaacson

Title: The Queen
Series: The Hitman Series
Author: Ellie Isaacson
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: August 18, 2020
Cover Design:Francessca's PR & Designs

We connected in an instant.

Fell the moment we met.
Lived in a fantasy world where our bodies became one and nothing else existed.
But when reality intruded, that world came crashing down.
Life beyond the walls I’d sequestered myself behind summoned me, and I knew things would change.
There were things I hadn’t told him. Things that would change the way he looked at me. But as the truth came out, my world went to war against my greatest enemy, and it was his secrets that put everything that mattered most at risk.
The question was, would we both make it through unscathed, or would one of us have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

It was her heart I wanted. Her heart I craved. This beautiful woman was the piece of my soul I didn’t know I was missing until she showed up in my life. She was my breath. The beat of my heart. The balm to my worries and the one constant on my mind. 

She was everything, and I would do anything to keep her.

Ellie Isaacson has been an avid reader her whole life, but a couple years ago she had a dream that she just couldn't forget. She cultivated that dream and began writing, which became a dream of a different sort. Ellie is thrilled to be able to share her passion with her readers. As an accountant and an author, she slings numbers by day and words by night. She's also a wife and a mother of two amazing boys.


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