Friday, May 22, 2020

#CoverReveal #ComingSoon - Bully Aftermath by Gigi Birtie

Title: Bully Aftermath
Author: Gigi Birtie
Genre: Bully Romance/NA Romance
Release Date: Coming Soon
Cover Design: Black Widow Designs by Dee Garcia

I have a secret. 

One I’ll never tell. 

Something that will divide my two best friends, Hyder and Rad, in half. 

And I’m not going to be the crack that severs their world in two. 

Except they don’t see it that way. 

When I try to protect them from the truth, they make my four years in high school a living and breathing hell. 

Let’s just say they didn’t take rejection well. 

I suffer in silence, hoping that I can get off this tilt-a-whirl that is called my life. 

Until one day, I end up breaking.

Gigi is your newest on the scene lowbrow romance author and scribbler of broken hearts™️ 

She is here to bring you new stories that will entice you to want to read more. 

Her plans of becoming a deep sea diving basket weaver is put on hold until she can get you to take a chance on her romance novels!! 


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