Friday, March 6, 2020

#CoverReveal #PreOrder #KindleUnlimited - Vis (Nephilim's Savior Book Two) by P.C. Benson

Title: Vis
Series: Nephilim's Savior Book Two
Author: P.C. Benson
Genre: NA/Paranormal Romance/Dark Fantasy
Release Date: March 29, 2020

How does one go on after they have lost everything?

The Fallen had taken Lilly from me. I had protected and cared for her since our parents died. It had always been just the two of us. We were not just sisters; we were best friends that did everything together—us against the world.

However, Lilly had chosen a side and had embraced the darkness. I left everything behind and followed Lilly; I will sacrifice everything to get my sister back—including my mate. However, how can I save her without turning dark myself? 

What if there was nothing left to save? 
Am I strong enough for that possibility? 

Trigger warning. Also, contain violence, foul language, and adult scenes; any adult scenes are consensual.

“What are you doing here? How did you find me?” I asked in disbelief. 

He tugged my hand to sit on the bed. “I had promised that I would never be far. I intend to keep that promise. It would take something significant for me to break that vow.” He smirked. 

I missed that cocky expression. My face broke into a smile, and my hand reached up and touched his face. I couldn’t believe he was in front of me. 

His eyes blazed with heat, and he pulled me to his mouth. I sucked in a lungful of breath and met his intensity with my own. He gripped the back of my head, crushing me to him. My mouth molded his, and our tongues joined together in a rhythmic dance. We kissed until our energy filled to the brim, then we sprang apart. The last thing I needed was the Brotherhood being alerted that I’d left. We stared at each other with heavy breaths and flushed faces. 

Once our breaths were almost back to normal, he pulled me to him once again and placed the softest kiss on my lips, which made my stomach clench and caused as much heat as his previous kiss. When he pulled away, I chased his mouth but missed, so I leaned my forehead on his to cool my uncontrollable urges. He placed his hand on my bare hip, but I had to grip his hand to stop it from moving. I had trouble damping down my desires—I wanted Alec. If it was hard to control myself around him before, being away from him made it impossible. Just his kiss made me feel like I would combust.


P. C. Benson lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Although a Californian at heart, she is currently living in the suburbs of Denver with her husband and her son and a cat and a dog. Her daughter is about an hour away in college.

She is an avid reader. When in a book slump, she comes up with her own stories in her head. She hopes you enjoy her stories as much as she does; they keep her company in-between her next favorite series.


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