Friday, February 21, 2020

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited #Giveaway - Plum: A Steel Bones MC Romance by Cate C. Wells

Title: Plum
Series: A Steel Bones MC Romance
Author: Cate C. Wells
Genre: Contemporary/MC Romance
Release Date: February 21, 2020
Cover Design: Clarise Tan of CT Cover Creations

We're from two different worlds, but in her arms, I'm home.

Life didn't give me a silver spoon. It gave me tetanus. When Adam Wade walks into my club, I know I'm in trouble. His money I can handle. But sweet words, gentle hands? I don't know what to do with that. Eventually, he's gonna wise up and walk away. If I let him in, what'll be left of me when he goes?

I'm the adopted son of the man who owns the city. I was born into nothing, and I've earned my seat at the table. But at night, when I can't sleep, I'm haunted by the pieces of myself I've disowned to make it this far.

I don't know why Plum caught my eye, but I can't look away. Maybe it's her brave face, her fight, her quirks. I'm obsessed, all-in with my eyes screwed shut. 

Then life throws a harsh light on our choices. I'm forced to face the ugly truth of what she's done to survive--and what I'll have to sacrifice to be with her.

Plum's a fighter, but would she fight for us? And if I give up everything for her, who will I be?

Plum is a 60,000-word "opposites attract" romance set in the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club world. It takes place at the same time as Nickel's Story. This novel is intended for adult readers (18+) due to strong language, violence, triggers, and explicit intimate scenes.
Standalone. HEA.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” I haven’t moved from her side. We’re both standing next to her chair, not touching, but close.


That’s not enough for me. I cup her cheek, raise her face so she’s looking up at me. “I know you’re tough as nails. I know you can take me.”

She snorts. “Damn straight.”

“But I’m never going to do anything you don’t want me to.”

She moves her gaze over my shoulder. Now she’s taking in the view of the skyline. She doesn’t believe me.

“I’m never going to hurt you or take anything from you.” I don’t know why I need her to believe me. Or at least acknowledge what I’m saying. My temper flares.

I move my hands to her shoulders. “Will you just say something?”

She’s silent for a long minute. “I don’t believe you,” she finally says.

She’s meeting my eyes now. Fiercely stubborn, all her fight showing.

“I know.” It’s enough for now. It’s going to have to be.

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Cate C. Wells is the author of the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club series. She writes gritty, real, emotionally satisfying romance. She’s into messy love, flaws, long roads to redemption, grace, and happy ever after, in books and in life.

Along with stories, she’s collected a husband and three children along the way. She lives in Baltimore when she’s not exploring America with the family. #allfiftystates

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