Tuesday, February 4, 2020

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited #Giveaway - Hellsbreath Sector (Zombie Year 2099) by Kira Nyte

Title: Hellsbreath Sector
Series: Zombie Year 2099
Author: Kira Nyte
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance (Dystopian)
Release Date: February 4, 2020 


“One day, you’ll find your curiosity has deceived you, child.”
All my life, I’ve casted off my father’s warning. Curiosity brought me into this world of humans. 
And curiosity deceived me. 
Now, I’m trapped in a world of ruin and nightmares. Zombies have kidnapped my brother and my only way back to Brinspyre, and they’re not through yet. I’ve a target on my back and a bounty on my head. My fae blood is ancient and carries an antidote to reverse the virus that plagues these creatures.
They don’t want a cure. No.
They want me dead.

This world has gone to shit with no perceived hope of ever recovering. Hellsbreath has become a safe haven for those who managed to escape the destruction aboveground. Survivors have found a false sense of security with dragons as their guards. 
But we’re not immune. 
I have a team of dragons, witches, and humans working diligently to come up with something, anything, to slow down the virus progression among my kin.
I’m losing hope. I’ve prepared my closest friend in the steps to take should I succumb to the changes happening inside me.
That is, until I cross paths with a stunning fae woman fleeing in the night. 
Let’s just hope I’m not too far gone. The darkness inside me craves her demise, but the dragon craves so much more.


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