Tuesday, December 17, 2019

#CoverReveal #PreOrder - Respectable Riot (Riot MC Series) by Karen Renee

Title: Respectable Riot
Series: Riot MC Series
Author: Karen Renee
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: December 31, 2019

She has it all, but she still has nothing.

Married to a local politician, Jane Ramos-Palmer won’t put her dreams aside for her husband’s any longer. Overhearing her husband being blackmailed, Janie realizes nothing in her life is as it seems. She’s willing to ditch all she has, so she can gain everything she ever wanted. Fighting an ugly divorce, meeting and falling for Beast couldn’t happen at a worse time for Janie. Escaping her oppressive husband is her top priority, which means her infatuation with a biker must wait.

His world was wrenched cruelly away from him. David “Beast” Huntley’s trust has been violated, and being twice shy means he’s determined not to get involved with another woman. At least not seriously, and not any time soon. But Janie provokes something in him. His attraction to her gnaws at him, even though she’s mired in an ugly divorce with a sketchy politician. Staying away from her is in his best interest and his club’s.

When the president of rival MC blindsides and assaults Janie, Beast’s inner-beast is awakened. He cannot fight his attraction for her, no matter how wrong it might be.

The doorbell rang again, and I caught sight of the clock. Thirty-one minutes after the hour? Crap! That had to be Liar and Andrea. I scrambled out of bed and unlocked the door, not registering that there was only one male body on the other side of the glass. 

My eyes widened because I was stunned to see Beast standing on the other side of the door. His hair was damp from a shower, and he was sexy as hell.

“Christ,” he breathed.



“Me?” I touched my face because he was looking at me funny. “Is there something on my face? Dried drool or something?”

He chuckled. “Guess I’ll tell you, ‘cause unlike other bitches this won’t go to your head.” He paused while I frowned at him calling me a bitch. “You’re perfect. All put-together, just shy of Stepford put-together.”

“Just to let you know, this is about to go to my head and make it explode because me and Stepford in the same sentence is never a good thing.”

“Yeah, but with you, there’s warmth, and then first thing in the morning you have porn hair.”

“What?” I shouted.

“Babe, it’s a good thing.” He grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. “A really good thing since it makes me this hard for you.”

I was never going to bed with wet hair ever again. Ever.

His eyes grew warm as he smiled. “You aren’t struggling.”

My eyebrows furrowed and he thrust his hips, forcing my hand to stroke him over his cargo pants. 

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not trying to jerk your hand away. Does that mean you want to jerk me off?”

My God! He was right. Any other girl would struggle against a man putting her hand on his cock. Well, probably, I mean this was Beast. He wasn’t any man. 

Now I was getting turned on. And that realization made me yank my hand away.

“Fuck. I hate that you’re married. Don’t know if your man is fighting to keep you, but now I see he’s damn sure got good reason to put up a fight.”

My eyes narrowed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s an asshole and only wants to keep up appearances.”

He openly eye-fucked me, and damn my body, I shivered, complete with my nipples puckering. “You were in my bed I’d fight. ’Course, if you were mine I wouldn’t give you reason to leave. Hell, what I’d give you, it’d be a miracle if you could walk, let alone walk away.”

Two doors slamming from the driveway broke the moment. “Shit! I’m not even dressed. You let Liar and Andrea in while I get some clothes on.”

A shit-eating grin spread on his face. “You’re right. I was too focused on your hair. Hot nightie. I could tell them to come back in an hour.”

I shook my head. “Don’t be an ass. No way am I giving Trent more leverage against me.”

“I’d be the one with the leverage, believe me.”

My eyes bulged. “No offense, but that would only complicate things. It’s not like there’s something between us.”

His face was stony. “Fun is never complicated in my world.”

My face relaxed as melancholy rolled through me. “I don’t live in your world.”

I suspected his regretful expression mirrored mine. “You’re right. You don’t.”

It was probably my imagination, but I would’ve sworn he cut himself off before he could say, “yet.”

Karen Renee is the author of the Riot MC Series. She has wanted to be a writer from a very early age, and she’s finally bringing that dream to life. She has worked in advertising, banking, and local television media research. She is a proud wife and mother, and a Jacksonville native. When she’s not at the soccer field or cooking, you can find her at her local library, the grocery store, in her car jamming out to some tunes, or hibernating while she writes and/or reads books.


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