Wednesday, September 4, 2019

#NewRelease #DarkRomance - Dark Soul (Dark Series #2) by H.R. Owen

Title: Dark Soul
Series: Dark Series #2
Author: H.R. Owen
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: September 4, 2019


I’ve had a dark soul since the day my mother died, and I never thought anyone could change me.

That was until I met Harmony. She bought me out of the darkness and into her light. Everything changed when her best friend was hired to kill me. I was put into a safe house and banned from seeing my Harmony until things cooled down. Two years later and she shows up at my door and finds another woman staying with me. I messed up and now she’s taken. She’s mine and I’m going to make sure they both know it.


He broke me. I waited two years to be with him, and I would have waited more. Unfortunately, when I finally saw him again, he was living with another woman. Now I’m dating Mason, my new boss’s son. He’s tall, handsome and caring, but I’m more attracted to broken and dark. After seeing Bates at my best friend’s wedding, I know something’s wrong with him and I can’t stay away. I want to punish him, but my body won’t let me.

H.R. Owen lives in Queensland with her two beautiful daughters and husband. She has a passion for music, art, and decorating. Sexy men with tattoos and chocolate are her weakness. H.R. Owen loves spending her days caring for her girls and spending the nights getting lost in dark romance novels.


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