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#BookTour #Giveaway - The Birds of Paradise Series by ChaShiree M.

Titles: The Life She Left Behind ~ The Life She Wished For ~ The Life She Couldn't See
Series: Birds of Paradise
Author: ChaShiree M.
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Available Now

All I wanted was to find help. What I found instead was Him.

At 16 years old, FaeWren has run away from an abusive family situation leaving her sisters behind in search of their brothers. Getting off the bus in New York City she is not sure where to begin or what to expect. When he crosses her path as a knight in shining armor, she is helpless to resist him and the life he is offering.

He never expected for his life to change, with just one stroll down the street. She was not a part of his plan.

Ren has grown up in a hard life filled with violence, betrayal and blood. He had long resigned himself to living the life he was born into alone and without love, in lieu of bringing someone into his tumultuous world. Finding this lost little fairy on the sidewalk of New York City changes his best-laid plans forever. He will never be able to let her go.

With their love blooming and their lives changing, Fae succumbs to the fear of her past and abandons all they have built and planned. When left with nothing but the memories and a reminder of their love, can Ren finally find Fae and make her understand that: Sometimes the only protection you need is LOVE.

What happens when the life you live is nothing like what you wished for?

Phoenix has lived a very sad and tumultuous life thanks her evil diabolical father. She and her brothers and sisters have suffered and none of them escaped unscarred. All she has ever wanted was someone to love protect and nurture her and for this, she will give him herself. Upon meeting Mikhail one night she thinks she has found him only for him to disappear.

When he returns, she is so anxious to find her version of happily ever after that she doesn't look closer then her eye can see… until it is too late.

Mikhail had a rough start to life but was given a chance to start over. Choosing to work hard to honor the parents that gave him this extraordinary new life, before theirs was so viciously snuffed out, he has given up on finding love. 

Until the day she walked into the bar and took his life by storm. 

Though he knows she is his and will stop at nothing to have her, he must first walk away to straighten out his present before he brings his future into it. When he goes to claim what is rightfully his, unforeseen forces threaten to tear them apart.

Can these two-scarred souls find their way through the chaos to lasting love? Or will evil win and tear them apart forever?

Warning: This book contains storyline that may be painful for you to read. This is a trigger warning. Also, there is a cliffhanger and no HEA…for now. It is a safe read with exception.


How does one’s life change so drastically in the blink of an eye? That is the question I ask myself every day. 
One minute, I am tied to a chair, awaiting what I am sure is my death at the hands of my father. The next I am safely at home, living my life, trying to convince myself I don’t need nor want a relationship with the sexiest man I have ever met.
No matter how much I say this to him, he never leaves my side.
Soon we are building a life together, one I couldn’t see before him. 
How do I hold on to this life, when someone is hell bent on destroying it?

The moment her picture came across my phone, something about her called to me. I knew she was going to be my wife. My light. My air. But first, I needed to save her.
She pushed, tugged and tried everything she could to get me to walk away from her. Until she realized, there was no use.
We are building a life together. One I plan on protecting with my own.
What does a man do, when everything he loves is being threatened?
I kill anyone who gets in my way.

Hello all!!! Thank you for reading this story. 

A little about me. I live in Illinois (hoping to move soon). I began writing when I was 14 and was published in my first poetry anthology at the age of 15. 

I have been blessed to have made some of the best friends in this industry and without their support, I might have given up. 

I love readers and can be found interacting with them, having a great time online and in person when they find at signings. I would love to meet you too.


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