Wednesday, July 17, 2019

#NewRelease #RegencyRomance - The Baroness Affair (The Scarlet Salon #3) by Jean Wilde

Title: The Baroness Affair
Series: The Scarlet Salon #3
Author: Jean Wilde
Genre: Regency Romance, MMF
Release Date: July 17, 2019
Cover Design: Fantasia Frog Designs

The gentleman courtesan

Piers Benson is a rarity in Regency London society. He has the pedigree and education of a member of the peerage, but works for a living as a high-end courtesan. His roguish good looks and charm have attracted many wealthy lords and ladies to his bed. His spirit has grown restless, however. When an unusual proposal offers to take him far away from the city and elite brothel he calls home, he leaps at the opportunity.

Fortune favors the bold

Caroline Delaval, Baroness Hastings, is desperate for a child. The title needs an heir, and if she can’t inspire lust in her marriage bed, then she’s determined to find someone who can. Her discreet inquiries lead her straight to Piers Benson. She quickly learns, however, that it isn’t just her husband Piers plans on seducing.

A household of three

No stranger to threesomes, Piers finds himself unusually drawn to his latest patrons. But before he can fully explore this eccentric new relationship, a sinister plot threatens to upheave all of their lives. As he works to unravel this scheme, Piers finds himself embarking on an unexpected journey of self-discovery and love.



Jean Wilde a bookaholic, chocoholic Canadian author with a passion for romance and history. She’s loved books every since she was a child, and fell in love with the world of Regency London when her mother introduced her to work of Georgette Heyer at the age of 12. While her background is in journalism, she’d much rather write fiction than reality. She’s a sucker for happily-ever-afters and strong, witty heroines. When not feeding her latest addiction of audiobooks, she can be found in her Toronto home with her husband and maddeningly lovable twins.


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