Sunday, July 28, 2019

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited - Everlasting Connections (Twisted Connections #1) by Meghana Sarathy

Title: Everlasting Connections
Series: Twisted Connections #1
Author: Meghana Sarathy
Genre: 2nd Chance/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 28, 2019


Sabrina was my childhood friend. My first crush. My first mistake was leaving her behind. I had crushed her heart, unaware of the feelings she harbored for me. And twenty years is a long time to hold onto that grief. Now I'm back in Seattle and like fate has it, we meet again. 

She might not have been my first kiss or love but I want her to be my soul-mate. My life partner.I might never be able to get over my first love, but I want Sabrina to complete me and be my new beginning.

I wish to be her knight in shining armor, saving her from the shackles of a broken marriage. A real father for her daughter, Clara. 

But I have fucked up too many times in the past. She won't trust me with her heart again. I can come close to being her friend but nothing more....

When have I ever given up, though? I try not to play unfair this time, but with Linden guiding me with his twisted antics (He stole my first love - My Gem from me or maybe it was me who first tried to snatch her from him - either way Gem is his now and he's just returning the favor), I might actually make Sabrina fall for me.

As Brandon, I can just be her best friend, but as 'Scott' (Her anonymous on-line friend), I will gain her trust and woo her. No matter whom she chooses, she will end up with me and I will be everything she wants and asks for. 

Twisted Connections is a Spin-Off of Love Connection Series. Every book in Twisted Connections can be read as a standalone. (It's NOT necessary to read Love Connection Series before reading this book)


Keeping the towel aside, I cup her cheeks and tip her chin, making her look into my eyes. “Yes. If going back in time meant I would get another chance with you, I would in a heartbeat.” Absolute silence again as she studies me, searching for any hints of a lie. “But I also know that’s not how real world works. I’ll have to prove my every word to you and deem myself as worthy in your eyes. And given a chance, I’ll do it, Ri. You’ve no idea just how badly I want to.”

“I never pegged you as a badass.” A vibrant smile cracks through her face. “But you did look mighty fine beating his ass, and all for me. Despite how ugly the situation was, it made me feel good, proud and happy even.”

“Oh baby, you’ve seen nothing yet. I can be a really cool superhero, or even a totally badass antihero. You get to make the choice.” Her breaths quicken as I see the first hints of real desire eroding her cheeks, adding another layer of glow and radiance. “I’ve so much to offer you. You’ve no idea.”

Clutching my collar, she pulls me closer, our breaths imbibing with our scents. “Show me, what I’m missing out on, Brandon. Show me what you can do to me. What you can make me feel.”

“Do you have any idea what you’re asking for?” I really hadn’t anticipated everything to escalate this quickly between us. In fact, I had stopped dreaming of getting physical with her and yet here we are in her kitchen, with our bodies just inches away, acutely aware of what might follow. So much can change within a span of an hour….and it seems my wish just came true.

“Give me a hint,” she smirks, naughtiness gleaming in her eyes.

She need not have to say it twice. I don’t know what state of mind she’s in, but if she wants physical intimacy to alleviate her senses, then I’m more than happy to deliver. Swooping my mouth down, I capture her lips with mine. She is shy, unsure, but I can still feel the eagerness in the way her lips slant against mine, following my lead, yet trying to surprise me. “Ri,” I whisper against her mouth. “Let me in.” It’s my most desperate plea ever. Her eyes widen in delight as she concedes. She barely parts her lips as I slip my tongue inside, finally tasting her. Since the time I met her again, I’ve racked my brain to remember what touching and tasting her felt like. But the memory serves no justice to what kissing her for real actually feels like. It brings the feel of finally stepping into the bright, sunny, outdoors after waiting out a heavy storm. The satisfaction of witnessing the watered and fertilized soil nurturing a sown seed. Th pleasant warmth brought by seeing the sunflowers blooming and opening under the sun, swaying in the cool breeze and spreading joy all around. She is life and hope all bundled into a package of shy yet curious lips. Fuck. I always knew I was gone for, but this one kiss sealed the deal for good. 

Meghana Sarathy is from Bangalore, India. She is an avid reader and also a writer. She mainly reads and writes Adult and New Adult romance, as well as dark and psychological thrillers. She has a special affinity towards love triangles and angst filled stories. Her all time favorite characters are her very own characters- Jennifer, Brandon and Linden. She tends to fall hard for boys who are either cocky, good flirts and total charmers.

She spends most of her free time reading, writing or watching anime. Depending on her mood, she tends to write two to three books at a time. She is a crazy fan of Dragonball Z and can be seen watching the episodes in repeat. Vegeta is her all time favorite anime character.


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