Thursday, July 18, 2019

#AmazonReview #GoodreadsReview - Game Changer by Sylvie Stewart

Title: Game Changer
Author: Sylvie Stewart
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Release Date: July 18, 2019

There are three things I know about New York so far: everybody is late for something, nobody has a freakin’ clue what sweet tea is, and King Kong himself is still alive and well and has taken the form of a growly blacksmith named Mac.

This is no shifter story and I’m not his prey, although I wouldn’t say no if he asked for a little taste. I’ve been saddled with interviewing the beast to secure my new dream job in publishing, but his intense stares and monosyllabic responses are making my job impossible. I just need to get this over with and move on to navigating my new life and career. I’ve got this, right?

But my professional and personal challenges are proving bigger than I realized, and Mac might be the only one who truly understands this game. He’ll be my biggest ally if I let him—and the way he keeps saying my name makes me really want to let him. The thing is, this city is known for breaking hearts, and it doesn’t care if you’re the new girl in town or the beast who calls it home.

I push a sweaty strand of hair off my face and limp around the corner onto my block, cursing myself for the tenth time for forgetting a change of shoes in my hurry this morning. But wine will surely dull the pain. I just hope I remembered to stock up.

“What happened?”

I nearly jump out of my cursed heels at the sound of Mac’s troubled voice. My head pops up to find him bearing down on me on the sidewalk and I can’t help myself. I break out into what’s probably the goofiest grin this side of Japanese anime. And I don’t give one flying frack.

He stops in front of me but his hands stay at his sides as his eyes sweep me, assessing for injury. It makes my smile even stupider.

“Nothing,” I reply. “Just forgot sensible shoes.”

His chest rumbles and he bends at the waist without another word, sweeping me up in a fireman’s hold and whipping us around to head back the way he came.

“Mac!” I achieve a pitch invented for canine ears only. “What are you doing?”

He doesn’t respond, of course.

I smack his back but then get distracted by the way his muscles contract when he walks. Pretty soon, the hand that was meant to be scolding him is feeling him up, stroking the muscles on either side of his spine and heading downtown to Upper Assville. This was one area I didn’t get to adequately explore last night due to his habit of moving me where he wants me and always needing to have his eyes on me. But I need to bookmark this for later.

“Ride it like you stole it, girl!” comes a shout from across the street and I can’t bring myself to look for its source. What am I doing?

Luckily, Mac needs to set me down so I can unlock my building’s door, something that sparks a question I’ve been meaning to ask.

“How have you been getting in my building all this time?”

His response is a half shrug and a frown as he tilts his head to look at my throbbing feet.


I get his eyes on mine and he just says, “I’m good with my hands.”

And if that just doesn’t say everything…


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