Tuesday, June 25, 2019

#ReviewTour #KindleUnlimited - Playing Jasper (Genoa Mafia Series #4) by Ginger Ring

Title: Playing Jasper
Series: Genoa Mafia Series #4
Author: Ginger Ring
Genre: Mafia Romance
Release Date: June 25, 2019
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

I love to play the game.

Love them and leave them.

Then I met my match, Jackie Smith, and everything changed.

She’s a reporter, and I’m a made man. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. It doesn’t matter that she could shatter my life and all I’ve worked for...I want her.

Underneath her sweet, caring exterior, she’s hiding pain from her past, and yearning for revenge. I can leverage this to my advantage. I can demand her loyalty, her unconditional love.

It’s the same game, with a bit of a twist.

The only problem is…she might be playing me.

Ginger Ring is an award winning author with a weakness for cheese, dark chocolate, and the Green Bay Packers. She loves reading, watching great movies, and has a quirky sense of humor. Publishing a book has been a lifelong dream of hers and she is excited to share her romantic stories with you. Her heroines are classy, sassy and in search of love and adventure. When Ginger isn't tracking down old gangster haunts or stopping at historical landmarks, you can find her on the backwaters of the Mississippi River fishing with her husband.


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