Wednesday, March 13, 2019

#CoverReveal #PreOrder #Giveaway - Man of Matrimony (The Gentlemen, Inc. Series) by Thea Dawson

Title: Man of Matrimony
Series: The Gentlemen, Inc. Series
Author: Thea Dawson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 2, 2019

Liam McGuire.
Annoyingly laid back. Hopelessly unambitious.
Cocky, irreverent, impossible.
My polar opposite.

My husband.

All my life, I’ve been the golden girl. Ivy League, MBA, the youngest executive at my company. The world lay at my feet.

Then the company I put my heart and soul into collapsed in scandal.
My so-called friends have deserted me.
I’m left with mounting debts and a shattered reputation, in danger of losing everything.

When a handsome stranger proposes a helping hand, I jump at the chance. I know it’s crazy, but all I have to do is stay married to him until he gets his green card, and he’ll support me until I’m back on my feet.

It’s the perfect marriage of convenience … except for the inconvenient way I’m starting to fall for him.

Brianna Winter.
Aggravatingly organized. Perpetually prim.
Stuck-up. Straitlaced.
Sex on a stick with a candy coating of complete indifference.

My wife.

I thought it would be easy. One year of marriage, and I’d be able to stay in sunny California for the rest of my life.

But one kiss changed everything.

Now, living at close quarters with the beautiful Miss B—with that toned body, that perfect skin, and that brilliant mind—I’m slowly going insane.

The memory of that kiss plays out over and over again in my mind in a kind of carnal loop of lust, but she shows no sign that she feels even the slightest bit of heat between us.

I may not survive my marriage long enough to get divorced.

MAN OF MATRIMONY is a steamy, standalone romance with heat, humor, and a sexy Irish hero! Happy reading!

The snow queen melts against me, her supple body pressed against mine, her tongue slipping across my lips. She tastes like the world’s most expensive whiskey sour, sweet and lemony and out of my league, and … yeah, this is probably a mistake, with no one to blame but myself.
To say I’m attracted to her is an understatement. Living at close quarters with her, I’ve had my fill of chances to stare at that toned, disciplined body. God knows she’s beautiful enough.
But attraction? That’s nothing. Take a cold shower, go for a run, wank off if you need to. You don’t need to follow through with every bird that catches your eye.
This, though, is sliding into something else. Up until now, I’ve thought of Bree as rather like an expensive work of art: beautiful, but you wouldn’t touch it. But when she started to cry so suddenly, so out of character, looking sad, lost, so completely not her regular high-and-mighty, on-a-pedestal self, I suddenly felt a tug toward her that wasn’t just physical.
It was a need to see her happy again.
Coaxing a little smile out of her was worth the sacrifice in single malt—which, given it wasn’t my single malt, maybe wasn’t that much of a sacrifice. Still cost me a bit of pride, though.
Oh hell, it would have been worth it even if it were my whiskey and I’d had to pour the whole bottle down the drain to wash away some of the despair in her eyes.
Now her arms have somehow slid up around my neck and I’ve pulled her as close to me as I can, seated as we are on the couch. I slide one hand across her cheek and into her hair, astounded that anyone could have such soft skin. I probe her lips with my tongue, and they part to let me in.
I mean to say something that will slow this down, but now it’s her tongue that slips between my lips, stealing my words and most of my thoughts along with them. My arm, which is no longer taking orders from my brain but from parts much further south, snakes around her firm, slim waist and pulls her into my lap.
There’s fire beneath this ice.

Thea Dawson is a world traveler, vegetarian, salsa dancer, film fanatic, and lover of happy endings. In an alternate steampunk universe, she travels by dirigible and gets in sword fights with dashing villains.

In this one, she lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband/salsa partner, three antic children, and an agenda-driven cat. She writes at the intersection of smart, sweet and steamy; her goal with every book is to melt your heart and brighten your day.


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