Thursday, February 21, 2019

#NewRelease - One Week in Paris (One Week Series) by Roya Carmen

Title: One Week in Paris
Series: One Week Series
Author: Roya Carmen
Genre: Romance
Release Date: February 21, 2019
Cover Design: Calico Images

Kayla Wilson has her life together. For the most part. She has work she loves, great friends, and a friends-with-benefits arrangement which suits her just fine — she’s not interested in anything more. Although Oscar is sexy, fun and sweet, he’s way too immature to be taken seriously. The amazing sex is all she needs.

And her mother is getting married. In Paris! 

Everything is roses until Kayla realizes that her mother’s fianc√© is her old high school nemesis’ father. Looks like the boy who made her teenage life hell is about to become her stepbrother.

Matt Moore is as beautiful, rich and cocky as ever. And so is his father, Mark. Can she trust either of them? Will Matt bring out all her insecurities again? Will Mark hurt her mother? Is her mother making the biggest mistake of her life? 

With Oscar’s and her friend Corrie’s help, Kayla is determined to break up the wedding.

Will she succeed or fail gloriously? Who will she hurt along the way? And who will she come to truly know and love in the end?

The third novel in the One Week series, One Week in Paris explores the bonds of friendship and family, painful pasts, and the beautiful city of Paris.
Author’s note: One Week in Paris contains explicit scenes and some coarse language — for adult audiences. The book can be read as a standalone, but if you plan to read the whole series, it is best to do so in chronological order to avoid spoilers.

I press a finger against his soft lips, not wanting him to ruin the moment. He lowers his head and presses his mouth against my collarbone. He traces a line of soft kisses along my skin, over my shoulder and down my arm. He’s usually so wild in bed, but I love it when he’s soft like this sometimes. He makes me feel loved, like no one else ever has. When I’m with Oscar, I feel beautiful and precious.

I want a turn too. I want to taste him, revel in him. I swing myself around and over him. I pull up his shirt and trail my tongue down the ridges of his abs. A low growl escapes him as he grabs my hair and pulls at it a little hard. When I reach his pants, I unbutton his fly slowly, teasing him. I dig into his boxers and wrap my mouth around him. I want to make him forget everything. I want to bring him pleasure. He throws his head back and groans loudly.

He wraps a hand tightly around my arm and pulls me up to him. “I want you,” he pleads. “I want to make love to you.”

I smile. “Yes, me too.”

Our lips meet again, and we slowly undress each other. I take in everything about him as I peel off his clothing; his smooth olive skin against my fair complexion, the hardness of him, and those soft spots too; his lower belly, his hands, his neck. I rake my hands through his thick locks, reveling in the softness of them, and when he stops for a beat and gazes into my eyes, I mark his beautiful almond shaped chocolate eyes to memory, afraid I might forget them one day. No matter what happens, I know I won’t.

He trails hot butterfly kisses along my collarbone and over the swells of my breasts, and his touch is soft and sweet as he gently peels off my polka-dot bra. My breasts are aching for his mouth. I arch my back, offering myself to him. When his tongue lands on my swollen nipple, I get lost in the pleasure of it. “I love the way you taste,” he breathes.

I throw my head back and reach for his hardness. I slip my finger under the waistband of his boxers, and slide them around his smooth hard ass. His moans gets lost in the warm underside of my breast. “I want to take all night,” I tell him. “I want this to last forever. No pain, no hurt, just pleasure.”

“Yes,” he whispers. “Pleasure… and love.”

“Yes,” I echo. “Pleasure and love.”

I long for us to be closer than we have ever been, to get completely lost inside each other, to forget about the world together. I pull off his boxers slowly, and he peels off my panties. When he sinks gently into me, I wrap my arm and legs around him and hold him tight. I don’t say the words, but I want him to know that he’s loved, that I’ll always be there for him.

Roya Carmen is a busy mom, romance writer, designer, bookworm, chocoholic, and hopeless romantic. There’s nothing she enjoys more than making up stories about love, and sharing them with her readers.


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