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#AmazonReviews #GoodreadsReviews - Give a Little (A Thorne Brothers Novel) by Lee Kilraine

Title: Give a Little
Series: A Thorne Brothers Novel
Author: Lee Kilraine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 25, 2018

All as different as nuts, bolts, and nails, the Thorne brothers have put their difficult childhood behind them and opened Six Brothers Construction. Now one of them is about to change his blueprint for living, thanks to a client who sees him as her personal fixer-upper… 

Grayson Thorne will do anything for his brothers, but women? They’re just a very pleasurable distraction in his bed. Business comes first, and his heart is permanently shuttered even if the rest of his body is ready, willing, and more than able. Then gorgeous, infuriating Tessa Madigan hires him, and puts every one of his rules to the test… 

Tessa’s heard all about “Fifty Shags of Gray” Thorne, and she knows one thing is true: this man has rarely heard the word no. The animal attraction she feels for the hotshot designer is all too real (and all too annoying), but she can’t help wanting to tame the beast. And if she can convince Gray that love is just as satisfying as lust, they could soon be building the perfect home for their hearts… 

“Have we met before? I feel like we have…” Gray’s gaze had changed and he was all of a sudden looking at me more closely. From my hair, over my face, a quick once-over down my body to my shoes and back up.

“No, I don’t think so. You’re not ringing any bells.” Huge lie. There were bells and whistles going off. I felt sure under the right condition fireworks would be involved also.

Then his eyes jerked back down to my shoes. “Yes we have. I recognize those shoes. The flats.”

“My flats? Oh, that was you?” I notched up my chin and crossed my arms over my chest, quickly employing the offense-is-the-best-defense tactic. “The guy who manhandled a perfectly innocent woman in a public place?”

Sully picked up on my tension and he took a step toward Gray with a warning growl.

Gray’s eyes jerked down to the dog, dismissed it, and refocused on me. Later, when he was revisiting what went wrong, which I was almost sure he would, I felt sure he’d zero in on the moment he dismissed the ten-pound dog in a bowtie.

Because all it took was one more scowl in my direction and Sully had a mouthful of impressively pressed Chino pants caught between his little sharp teeth.

“What the hell, lady?” He looked down at Sully and laughed. He laughed. “Poor guy is as dangerous as a gnat.”

“Sully, release.”

Sully released and plopped his butt back down in front of Gray and went right back to staring at him like he was a rock star. Or a bone. Or a rock star with a bone.

“Fine. So maybe it was me in the bar. I wasn’t the one who spiked your drink.”

“It’s all just a big coincidence, isn’t it? Meeting at Big Eddie’s, the spiked beer, and now this appointment?” His face turned suspicious (yes, still gorgeous) and one eyebrow cocked way up. “Did you set up this appointment just to meet me?”

“Oh my gosh, you caught me. You’re on to me. That’s exactly what I did.” You bet I rolled my eyes. “I went out and found the most rundown, in-need-of-a-renovation house, and dropped a couple hundred thousand dollars just so I could meet the famous Gray Thorne. Or should I say infamous. That sounds totally sane, doesn’t it, Fifty?” Oh, yeah. I went there.

His gaze narrowed on me in a what-did-you-just-call-me way.

“Oh, please. Like I have Viagra lying around.” I began opening kitchen cabinets to prove the obvious. I was a smart-ass Vanna White, only with cabinets. Until I opened the medicine cabinet.

Guess what was front and center on the bottom shelf. Uh huh. A bottle of Viagra.

“You were saying?” Guess who still look disgustingly gorgeous with an I-told-you-so-expression on his face?

Lee Kilraine writes small town contemporary romance with a touch of quirky humor. She loves writing and reading stories with a Happily Ever After and if they make her laugh…well, that’s perfect. She has a weakness for dogs, bacon cheeseburgers, red wine and Alpha heroes.


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