Thursday, October 25, 2018

#NewRelease #Giveaway #KindleUnlimited - White Collar Blues by Mel Walker

Title: White Collar Blues
Author: Mel Walker
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Release Date: October 25, 2018

The Corporate World of General Modifications has always been a bastion of stability and loyalty. However, this is changing.

Justin - a 29 year veteran of General Modification - faces a career-threatening choice; he must decide - assimilate or resist.

Justin's wife, Leslie is fighting a different battle - A full-time small business owner, she encounters a smart, funny, knowledgeable businessman who may be interested in more than just her business. Will she be able to fend off his advances and keep their relationship professional?

Will the Grants survive or will change overtake their lives?

Mel writes Romance and Contemporary Fiction with Heart, specializing in both short fiction and full-length novels. A native New Yorker and life-long frustrated NY Mets fan.


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