Tuesday, September 4, 2018

#ReviewTour #KU #Amazon #Goodreads #LimitlessPublishing - The Lamb Was Sure To Go by Jackie Sonnenberg

Title: The Lamb Was Sure To Go
Author: Jackie Sonnenberg
Genre: YA/Horror
Release Date: May 8, 2018
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Mary had a little Lamb. 

Its fleece was white as snow. 

Everywhere that Mary went 

The Lamb was sure to go. 

The Antichrist has been born, and Father Atticus knows it… 

Father Atticus is plagued with visions of foreboding evil, but no one will believe him. They call him crazy and lock him in an asylum. 

Outside the walls of his cell, he can feel it growing stronger, year by year. The blood is already flowing. Satan’s sacrifice has begun. If the priest doesn’t escape soon, it will be too late. 

A strange, grotesque little girl, and her horrifying pet… 

Mary is shunned and hated by the other children, her teachers, even her parents, who nearly killed her at birth. 

Mary is loyal only to Lamb, and to the Voice, which guides her and gives her purpose. Those who wronged her will soon be fodder for the one she serves, their deaths feeding his power and bringing about an even greater evil… 

Is the world ready for its new master?


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