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#ReviewTour #Amazon #Goodreads - Bad Girl Gone Good by N. Franko

Title: Bad Girl Gone Good
Author: N. Franko
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: August 31, 2018

A petty thief. A tech millionaire. A dating scam goes wrong when suddenly, love is thrown in the mix.

Abby is a waitress by day and professional dating scammer by night. She takes money from unsuspecting men without remorse. When tech millionaire Nolan Graham contacts her online persona, Abby sees her opportunity for a giant payday.

But, Nolan is on a mission of his own—to beef up the site’s security features and prevent scammers like Abby from taking advantage, all while having a little fun with the clients, of course.

Now, Abby finds herself caught up in a world she’s always longed for with feelings she’s never felt and suddenly, she’s in too deep. She must abandon her feelings for Nolan or risk loosing herself and everything dear to her.

Two worlds collide in a case of mistake identity but when love is on the line, they just might find their way back to each other.

Bad Girl Gone Good is an edgy romantic comedy that will have you believing that love truly can conquer all.

The city glowed so brightly against the dark backdrop of the night from up here. Nolan’s penthouse balcony was large and protected from the world by a clear glass door. I stepped outside to feel the cool, night air against my hot, sweaty skin. I didn’t have to worry too much about privacy. The penthouse was up so high and situated in a way that no one could look into the place if they tried. The City Tower glowed like the beacon that it was. So, this was what rich people saw from their high horses? It definitely beat my view of the railroad tracks from my kitchen window. I didn’t even have a balcony.
Nolan and I made love again before I feigned sleep and he rolled over. I quickly wiggled back into my dress and left the room to look for his wallet before running off into the night and deleting any semblance of Madison online. I was kind of relieved to get back to being Abby.
And yet, here I stood on the balcony, having a hard time leaving. I took some time to meander through the place. It was a typical bachelor pad with various tech gadgets on display. What I was really impressed was his collection of old vinyl, which he proudly displayed by a vintage record player on a shelf next to a large book shelf. I browsed through his books and sure enough; I found copies of H. G. Wells, Orson Scott Card and Aldous Huxley. Of course, someone as smart and educated as him would like the classics. If Nolan would actually go for me—the real me—I wouldn’t care whether he had money or not. He was the kind of guy I would always want but would never deserve.
I found his wallet laying on the counter in the kitchen. I opened it and just like Sylvia said I would; I found a few hundred dollars along with several credit cards and a driver’s license. I pulled out the license and smiled at his picture. He even looked hot in his ID photo.
My heart sank. I didn’t have the stomach to pull a con like this. Maybe it was just the amazing sex we had or the fun time we had talking, but I just couldn’t leave him in the middle of the night. I put the money back and left his wallet on the counter. I went back into his bedroom and left the dress on the floor where I found it.

I just needed one more night of being Madison, one more night of being desired by this amazing guy. I guess I wanted to feel like a real princess just once before getting back to the real world. Tomorrow, I’d swipe the cash and break things off with him. Tomorrow, everything would be back to normal. But tonight, I needed this.

N. Franko is a reader of all things funny, romantic, magic, scary, dirty or nerdy-basically anything that's words on a page.

A huge fan of authors like Chuck Palahniuk and Sophie Kinsella, she spent much of her days daydreaming of being an author while failing hard as a reporter and production artist for a small-town newspaper before taking the plunge and writing her first book, Technically Scripted. 

When she's not writing, she's playing drums in a noisy synth-pop band with her rock star husband, annoyingly taking pictures of everything, drinking coffee or watching an obscene amount of television.


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