Thursday, August 16, 2018

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited #RomCom #Standalone - Cut Free (The Sublime #3) by Julia Wolf

Title: Cut Free
Series: The Sublime #3
Author: Julia Wolf
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: August 16, 2018

A prim and proper pianist, a sexy tattooed artist, a yellow convertible, and an offer neither of them can turn down...

I've followed the rules my entire life: what music to play, who to date, even what to wear.

But that's done now. At twenty-eight years old, I'm finally ready to break free. 

I just don't quite know how.

And then Charlie enters my life; charming, spontaneous, and hilarious Charlie. He's a bit quirky, and nothing like I expected, and I can't seem to stay away.

He offers me friendship, rebellion, and adventure, which is exactly what I need.

Too bad friendship isn't all I want.

Friendzoned or not, Charlie has become one of the most important people in my life.

If only I could stop accidentally trying to kiss him...

"...a story that pulled at your heart strings with wild scenes that need a fire extinguisher to put out the fire." Ellie, Goodreads review

"Cut Free will leave you in such a book high, you'll be dreaming about it later! Between these amazing characters, the funny and sweet banter, and the greatest love story ever, you may shows signs of sugar overload. It's ok, just keep reading! " Julia, Red Hatter Book Blog

" Charlie is my favorite character in this series! He's hot, swoony and just ridiculously sweet. He's just awesome and then you add Eliza into the mix and it just makes for a great book! " Sarah G. Goodreads

"Just two imperfect people discovering how perfect they can be together." K. Bartholomew, Goodreads review


"Julia lives in Maryland with her patient husband and three crazy beautiful kids. When she's not writing, momming, or watching Real Housewives, she's reading a book. Julia's a lover of all things romance. From sweet, to funny, to steamy, to so dirty you'll blushing for days, she reads (and writes!) it all."


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