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#Tour #KindleUnlimited #Giveaways - The Calm Within by Crystal A Blanton

Title: The Calm Within
Author: Crystal A Blanton
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: April 16, 2018

JULY 9-JULY 15 - $1.99

When you are lucky enough to find love, take it in both hands and hold onto it like it’s your lifeline. Don’t let go. Don’t let it slip through your fingers.

My name is Kinsley Carmichael. I’m one of the fortunate ones, I found my true love. 
I experienced it, felt it, tasted it. 
He was my best friend, my soul-mate. 
Life without him would be incomplete.

So what happens when that love is taken away? Is it possible to come back from something like that? Is it possible to want to move on? Can a person be granted more than one chance of an all-consuming love in one lifetime? I’m not sure, and I don’t know if I have the strength to find out.

This is my story… in all of its tragic glory.

The Calm Within
Chapter 1

  “It’s our birthday, Kit,” Ryker says softly through the phone. It’s midnight on the dot and I know he hasn’t slept a wink with the way the rasp grips his words.
  “It’s my birthday, Ryker. You turned seventeen six months ago.” I pull the cover over my head and put the phone on speaker.
  “Exactly six months ago, which means it’s my half birthday. That’s just as important.”
  I smile at our familiar words, my eyes remaining closed so I can imagine him by my side. “Ryk, one year I’m going to surprise you and say something different.”
  Our laughter coincides, dancing together until it’s dispersed into thin air.
  “I’m holding you to it. We only have forever.” A contented sigh passes his lips. I can feel how he has more to say. “I hope you enjoy your day.”
  That wasn’t what I was expecting.
  “Will I not see you?” We’ve spent all of our birthdays together—at least all the ones we could.           
  “You will,” he hesitates, “I just don’t know when.”
  “Oh.” It’s barely a word, but I know he can hear the frown in my voice. A minute goes by, the faint whisper of our breathing the only sound.
  “Well...I’ll let you get back to your beauty sleep.” He rustles with the phone. “Lord knows you need it more than me.” His words are lighter, yet I hear no smile.
  “Ryk?” I pause. Not for his response—for my own courage. “Fall asleep with me?” The words are not the ones I was going to say and he knows this but gives it no attention.


Crystal A Blanton lives in the Show Me State with her sarcastic, loving husband of fifteen years and two crazy, wild sons. She has a love for reading, writing, warm weather, Zero Ultra Monster Energy drinks, massages, traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and chocolate; in no particular order.


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