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#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited: Wolf: Prequel (Westside Skulls MC) by Jessie Cooke

Title: Wolf: Prequel
Series: Westside Skulls MC
Author: Jessie Cooke
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: July 13, 2018

President of one of the most powerful MC's on the West Coast and in a relationship with a gorgeous Latina that's so hot she could melt steel, Wolf thought he had everything he ever wanted. But when a bullet rips through his window, striking the man that just put a bullet in his chest, his reality drastically changes, and nothing will ever be the same again. 

Sabrina is still a teenager, but she's already been abandoned by her father, raped and abused by a man she thought she could trust...and “witness” to a murder. Now she's on a mission to find the brother she only recently discovered she had because with her mother in jail for murder, he's the only person in the world she has to turn to. The only problem with her plan is that her brother is an outlaw, the president of an MC, and has no idea that his little sister, the one he never knew existed, is about to show up on his doorstep. 

Wolf thought he had it all together, but suddenly he doesn't know who he can trust. While a relationship with Dax Marshall and the Southside Skulls and Jacob “The Lion” Wright and his MMA club out of Vegas both loom in the near future, someone lurks in the shadows and wants nothing more than to see his empire crumble...preferably with Wolf getting crushed underneath it. And, while he scrambles to figure out who wants him dead...and stay alive in the process, Sabrina tries to come to terms with her own recent past. More drama develops in the midst of it all when she finds herself falling for Wolf's sergeant-at-arms, and that might just be her most dangerous endeavor yet. 

Come along and let us introduce you to the West Coast counterpart to the Boston Southside Skulls. Wolf Lee might not be as cool and sophisticated as Dax Marshall...but when it comes to club business, protecting his family and loving his woman, he'll give Dax a run for his money.

Book 1 in the Westside Skulls MC Series. 
This is a Standalone Romance Novel but characters from this story, will appear in future books in the series. 
HEA and No cliffhanger. 
Intended for Mature Readers.

* * *

The Westside Skulls MC Series is about members of the MC club, their friends and associates. 
Each story, while focused around one main character, is not necessarily about a Westside Skulls club member, but the story is related to Skulls members and the club.

Wolf knew they were going to be late for the meet and greet...but he was the fucking president, so he also knew they wouldn’t start without him. He had one thing on his mind at that moment, and one thing only. He was going to fuck his old lady in every one of her orifices and then he might just fuck her again. She had him so hot. His cock was throbbing
and just getting her home from the bar nearly killed him.

Fucking before he went over to the shop and called to order this meeting with their comrades the Southside Skulls, who were in town all the way from Boston, hadn’t been in his plans, but sometimes not having a plan was the best way to go. He had to go into town and check on an old friend before the Southside Skulls showed up. Wolf’s club wasn’t big enough to house them all, so they were staying at a motel a few miles away.

Wolf’s friend lived above a bar on the west side of the Central Valley just outside of Fresno, and he had recently been in a motorcycle accident. The guy wasn’t affiliated, but he was someone that Wolf had known since grade school and had been friends with ever since. He’d been out of town when the accident happened, and this was the first day he had an hour to spare to go see him.

Amara insisted on going to town with him. She said that she wanted to do some shopping at a store nearby...but Wolf should have known. He left her at the little boutique across from the bar and spent about half an hour upstairs visiting with his friend. As he was walking down the stairs, he pulled out his phone and sent her a text.

“You ready, babe?” His foot hit the last stair when her reply came back through.

“That depends,” it said. “Are you play?”

Wolf jerked his head up and saw her sitting at the bar. She didn’t look at him or acknowledge his presence in any way. She had been dressed in jeans and a t-shirt when they rode into town. Now, she was wearing a bright red, low-cut tank top and short black skirt. She must have bought the outfit at the boutique...along with a pair of black “come fuck me” heels that topped off the picture. He almost texted her back and told her they didn’t have time for the game...but just looking at her in that outfit, sitting up on a stool at the bar with her long legs exposed all the way to the thigh...and every man in the place with his tongue hanging out as he watched her...made him change his mind.

Wolf’s old lady was the sexiest, most gorgeous woman in the world and she had the ability to make every cock in the room as hard as a rock without even breathing on it. He met her while doing business with her father, just after Wolf was voted in as president of the Westside Skulls. He knew as soon as he laid eyes on her that he had to have her, but he didn’t know until the first night they spent together that he would also have to keep her. They were married three months later, and the past nine months of his life had been the best of his thirty years on this earth.

He was doing things with the club that hadn’t been done before, forging new territory. He had the respect of his brothers and had recently become allies with the biggest and most powerful club on the East Coast, the Southside Skulls. But better than any of that had been his life with his old lady. She was a goddess...his goddess...and he couldn’t get enough. Amara’s father was an old white gangster that Wolf didn’t like very much but that the club had business with. He had heard rumors that the guy was married to some hot, fiery Colombian woman who was a lot younger than him, but he’d never met her. So when he walked in to the man’s office one day and saw Amara, his first thought was whether or not he was willing to go to hell for killing this man and stealing his wife.

Thankfully, Amara had turned out to be a perfect mix of the old man and his younger wife’s genes. Wolf thought she was a goddess and nearly everyone else around her held the same opinion. She was one of those women that other women hated on sight and other men had to pretend that they weren’t lusting after. She was five-foot eleven with skin the color and texture of coffee that had just been mixed with fresh, thick cream. Her chocolate eyes were huge and almond-shaped and, coupled with her high cheekbones, gave her an exotic and mysterious look. Her breasts could make a man’s mouth water from across the room, and her ass could make a grown man cry.

So, knowing his beautiful wife was playing her game that morning, Wolf had stood back in the shadows and watched her work her magic. She had two drinks in front of her and a man on either side. Even the bartender was in on the fun, leaning on his elbow on the bar and looking down her blouse while she flirted with the other two men. Every so often she’d toss back her thick, black hair, and Wolf knew the fragrance it gave off as she did that would only add to the desire the men were already feeling. She crossed and uncrossed her sinfully tan, tone legs, and the man on her right was sporting a hard-on in his khakis that was borderline obscene.

Wolf decided time was up and he sauntered across the bar, insinuated himself between khaki hard-on guy and his wife, and suddenly Amara’s eyes and attention were all his. He leaned down and blew hot air in her ear, so the men still watching would think he’d issued her an offer. She smiled up at him and nodded and then while everyone was still watching, he bent down and claimed her mouth, letting one of his hands rub up and down her leg. The men alongside her were both breathless as he took her hand and she stood up. The guy in the khakis watched in disbelief as Wolf and Amara walked out of the bar hand in hand. The poor guy would be second-guessing his game, that’s for sure.

Amara pulled up that short little skirt and he got a peek of black lace as she climbed on the back of the bike, heels and all. He kissed her lips again before she put her helmet on, and he couldn’t resist dipping a finger down between her legs. That black lace was soaked, and Wolf brought his finger to his mouth and licked it off before finally climbing on the bike in front of her and taking them home. They only lived about fifteen minutes from the bar, but he was already so hard that it was excruciating. He parked the bike in front of their little house, which sat a few doors down from the club and the shop the MC owned. Amara slid off the bike before he did and as she went up the steps toward the door, she pulled off that tank top and tossed it in his direction. Wolf shook his head, looking around to make sure no one was around to see her, and then he practically ran up the steps and into the house. By that time, she had her lace bra off and that got tossed at him as well. He caught it, and for a few seconds she just stood there in her skirt and heels, massaging her breasts, and rubbing her hard, dark-chocolate nipples with her palms while he watched.

She finally slid her hands down to her skirt and unfastened it. It fell to the floor, pooling around the heels she was wearing, and in its place was a simple thin strip of lace. She winked at him and turned toward the bedroom, stepping out of the skirt as she did. In the back he couldn’t even see the thong; she was all gorgeous ass and high heels, and his cock throbbed even more. He took two steps and grabbed her around the waist, lifting her up and carrying her into the bedroom. She squealed as he dropped her down onto the bed. And then she lay there with her hands moving all over her own curvy body as she watched him undress.

As soon as he was naked, she reached up and touched his cock. He had to suck a breath in through his teeth, the sensation of her touch was so powerful. She rubbed it gently and then looking up at him through her long lashes she said, “Did you get hard in the bar, baby?” He was struggling just to breathe but managed to push out a “yes.”

“I got so wet, knowing you were watching me,” she said, “Did you see the bulge in the blond guy’s pants? I thought he was going to rip right through that khaki.”

“I saw it,” he said breathlessly, as she sat up and began to run her hands over his tattooed chest. His cock was pressed into her breasts then and he could feel the moisture oozing out of it and onto her chest. “He was looking down your blouse. Every once in a while he would lick his lips. He wanted to taste you, baby.”

“Mm,” she said. “Did that turn you on, baby?”


“You like knowing other men want me?”


“What would you do if one touched me, baby?”

“I’d fucking kill him.”

She smiled. “That’s so hot, knowing they can look but not touch. Don’t you think so, baby?”

He reached down and grabbed her hair and said, “So fucking hot. He’s home beating off right now, I bet, thinking about you. And you’re here, with me, where you belong.”

She opened her lips and let the bulbous tip of his cock rest on the bottom one as she licked him softly. Then she smiled up at him again and said, “You like knowing guys fantasize about your old lady, baby?”

“Fuck, yeah,” he said. “They can look and fantasize all they want, as long as they don’t touch. I like that they know you’re mine. That’s my favorite part of your game...showing them that you’re fucking all mine. Suck my cock, baby.” He put his hand on the back of her head and pushed it down and she took him into her mouth. Wolf was big...huge...and he’d never met the woman that could take all of him into her mouth...but Amara came closer than any of them ever had. He groaned and let his head fall back as she sucked, licked, slurped, scraped, and nibbled. He was so close to coming already when he pulled her off him and moved her back on the bed. Reaching down he took the lace of that little thong and wrapped it around his finger and ripped it off. He brought the fabric up to his face and breathed her. He could see her shudder as she watched him.

Once he tossed what was left of the panties aside he dropped down next to the bed and buried his face between her legs. She threw her legs over his shoulders and he licked her slit and slithered his tongue up between her delicate folds and flicked at her clit with his tongue, feeling it swell against him. Her hands were in his thick hair now and she was gasping and moaning as he licked her and rubbed his face back and forth, tickling her with the thick hair on his face as well. He reached up and slipped a finger into her tight tunnel and moved it around until he hit her G-spot while sucking on her clit. As soon as he hit it, Amara threw her hips up off the bed and screamed, digging her fingers into his shoulders at the same time. He loved that she was loud and expressive in was hot.

“Fuck me now, baby. Give me what those men in the bar wanted to give me. Fuck your old lady and think about how bad all those other men wanted me.”

Wolf didn’t need another invitation. He climbed up on the bed with her and his cock was buried inside of her as quickly as he could get it there. Amara brought her legs up and rested the cool leather heels on his shoulders...and then she tipped her hips up at an angle so that each time he thrust into her, he hit bottom. While he moved in and out of her feeling the muscles of her pussy contract and release as the pool of fluids between them grew deeper and hotter, she used her hands to touch and scratch and tease every part of his body that she could reach. Her brown body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and she was biting at her lips when her body seized up. She had her eyes closed and Wolf said:

“Open your eyes and look at me, baby.” Amara pulled open her pretty brown eyes. Her dark lashes were wet, and her cheeks and lips were flushed. She smiled at him and he said, “Who do you want?”

“You, baby,” she said in a raspy voice. She raised her hands up and ran her fingers through his beard. “I only want you.”

“Always?” he asked.

“Forever,” she cried out, and dropping her hands down to the bed and gripping the comforter, she arched her entire body off the bed and let out a wild scream.

Wolf felt a sting and a burn and then excruciating pain before his brain even registered the noise, or the presence of someone else in the room. Amara was still screaming, but it wasn’t a scream of ecstasy, it was one of terror. Wolf’s first instinct was to protect her. He dropped his big body down on top of her. His mind was racing. His gun was on the dresser but he’d have to leave her completely exposed to get to it, and if the gunman was still in the room... He heard a noise and as he pulled his head up his brain registered two, there was blood everywhere and the didn’t know if it was his or Amara’s, and two, the man was now standing on the other side of the bed. His back was to glass doors and his gun was leveled at Wolf’s head. Wolf decided in that second that if he was dying today, he was taking as much of that punk as he could with him. He pushed up and forward, lunging off the bed at almost the same time as another shot shook the walls and the glass doors shattered. Amara was still screaming, and Wolf found himself lying outside then, on top of the man with the gun, with glass all around, on top and underneath them. He looked up and saw his sergeant-at-arms rushing toward him. He had a gun in each hand and Wolf wondered why, just before his world faded to black.

Jessie Cooke writes hot romance novels about tough guys, bad boys, bikers, fighters and lovers and the women of strong character who tame them.


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