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Title: Falling for Her
Author: A.C. Meyer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 17, 2018 

"It's a book, but could be a Hollywood movie" — COSMOPOLITAN Brazil

Music, fashion, and the vibrant landscapes of Rio de Janeiro set the stage for an uncommon love story.
Mariana Costa’s life is good. She has fantastic friends, is close to her family, and works a dream job at the internationally-renowned fashion magazine, Be. There is only one problem … she’s madly in love with the one man who is not only out of her league, but is completely unattainable: her boss.

Carlos Eduardo is confident, sexy, and established. He dates supermodels and runs a successful magazine. His life is perfect; or was perfect until he admits he has feelings for the most unlikely object of his affection. His assistant is smart, sexy, and everything he ever wanted in a woman—but she’s not only nothing like the women he usually dates, she is his employee, and therefore untouchable. But touching her is the one thing he can’t seem to resist.

Outside the office, Cadu and Mari explore tenderness and passion. But they are from completely different worlds, and when those worlds collide and threaten to destroy not only their fragile bond but the very magazine they work for, they must decide whether falling in love is worth risking it all.

You know those kisses you see in movies? The ones that capture your attention completely when you see them? The type of kiss that makes your legs shake and leaves you breathless? Never mind those! This one was a million times better. Cadu showed me his sweet and seductive side last week, but this? He’s like a hurricane. I have never been kissed like this. Ever. He pulls me to him, grabs my hair and kisses me. I don’t even know if I can call it a kiss. It’s almost like he’s assaulting my mouth with his tongue! I forget everything around me, I don’t know where I am, who I am, I don’t know anything anymore. All I can do is feel his hot body against mine, feel my legs shaking, and his lips that taste better than hot fudge.

It’s such a deep, sexy, and wonderful kiss that he uses his free arm to hold my waist and nearly lifts me off the ground. Still holding me, he pushes me toward a wall, never stopping the kiss. When we can move no farther, he presses his body against mine.

But then I remember. I remember it all: all the tears I cried on Monday, all the pain he put me through when he got my hopes up, just so he could kill every last one of them later. I remember the sorrow and despair I felt throughout the week. This is when the rebellious Mari comes to life again. I bite his lower lip hard and he lets go of me, groaning loudly.

“Ouch, Mari! What was that for?” he asks, taking a hand to his mouth and cleaning some of the blood that starts oozing from it. He had it coming!

“I told you to let go of me, jackass,” I say, feeling brave.

“Jackass? You kissed me back!” he complains, looking confused. Cute!

“And you said you didn’t want anything to do with me. What the hell are you thinking? When we’re in the office I owe you respect and you call the shots. But out here, you don’t. I don’t owe you anything, and nothing gives you the right to grab me like you did. Or to stop me from kissing anyone I feel like.” As I talk, I point a finger at him, poking his chest.

“Kissing? Were you really going to kiss that moron?” he asks, annoyed.

“That’s up to me to decide, don’t you think?” I start walking away. Then I turn around and hit him one last time. “At least he knows what he wants.”


I turn to the exit and I leave, not even bothering to say goodbye to Lais.

A.C. Meyer is a real book lover. Not satisfied with just read it, her restless mind decided to write her own happy endings. Mixing fun and romance, she reaches the romantic comedies´s tone that amazes her readers from beginning to end.

In 2016, Enchanted by you, After Dark series's book four, was nominated best romance by iBooks.


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